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Party is a play both political and entertainment

The inaugural play of the Station's summer season, Party is a newer work by a youngish comedian about student idealists who are determined to become involved in politics. Tom Basden, the playwright, is a member of a British sketch-comedy group and has been writing and acting for the BBC and Channel 4 for about a decade. He created a one-man show for the stage, called Tom Basden Won’t Say Anything, before penning this political play, followed by a stage adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial. Originally, this show was cast with up-and-coming young British comedians, like if David Wain had written a stage production and cast it with his friends from The State. But being British, instead of the stoned camp counselors of Wet Hot American Summer, Basden wrote the shed-dwelling distractable political college kids of Party.

Celebration Company kicks off its summer season with a comedic play regarding youth in politics…sort of.

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