In the world of standup comedy there are different schools of thought and performance, and generalizations can be made about these various styles and philosophies. Of course, there is the observational form, best represented by Jerry Seinfeld's laid back, everyday musings. Mitch Hedberg's beyond laid back, often poetically mumbled quips fit far from the center on this style's spectrum as well.

Then there is the narrative form. Bill Cosby weaves incredible stories and incites uncontrollable laughter without a single explicit-laced punch line. This style requires great skill that few seem to have.

Of course, there is also a cross-over between these two styles, and most comics use both to some extent (most notably, and unoriginally, Carlos Mencia). For the most part, comics are easy to peg. Sets often move about predictably, even if enjoyably. But every once in a while, a different type of comic comes to separate him or herself from the pack.

One such comic is Eugene Mirman.

Mirman, who will be performing at the Courtyard Café this Saturday at 9 p.m., is grounded in the routine and the everyday, but not for long. His absurdist style of humor moves beyond the relatable "oh-my-god-I-feel-the-same-way-about-dating" comedy that overpopulates the scene to something new and hilarious. Check out some of his Comedy Central special to see what he's all about, and be sure to jump to the 1:50 mark to see his take on shapes.

Besides stand up comic-ing, Mirman also appears on the popular show Flight of the Conchords. He's also recently published a book. A Will to Whatevs: A Guide to Modern Life, a self-help book in which he unravels the "complexities of modern life." Here's some sage advice Mirman gives about "How To Nab A Husband." (Ed. Note: video features some adult langauge.)

Will To Whatevs Tip #72: How To Nab A Husband

DeBono, the campus long form improv troupe, opens for Mirman at the Courtyard Café. The performance is only $7 ($5 with a UIUC student ID), so you really shouldn't miss this show. Just make sure you don't send him any angry e-mails before hand ..,

You can win tickets to see Eugene Mirman at the Courtyard Café. Click here to find out the details.