Hey friends, welcome back. May 2009 was yesterday. You've watched the Season 5 finale multiple times. You've readied your drinks, your dharma guac, you've watched the American promos and the better Spanish promos, analyzed the picture and resisted the temptation to watch the leaked footage this weekend... maybe. You are one of us. The proud and annoying.

If you're reading this, then you're ready. Ready to read one last stream before we dive in. I'll be with you all Spring...

Questions, Speculations, Postulations, Reminders and Sillyness

1. We'll know soon...The H Bomb

o Did the H Bomb detonate and will it reboot everything since the original flight to LAX that started it all?

o OR...was the H Bomb detonation The Incident that started it all?

2. Is John Locke dead? I think so.

3. Is Jacob God/the Island Father/all that is Good? I think so.

4. Is The Man in Black (casting call referred to him as Samuel) the Devil/The Island Destroyer/all that is evil? I think so.

5. Did Man In Black/Samuel's plan work — or did he play right into Jacob's hands?

  •  I believe The Man In Black did not succeed (see my theory below)

6. What happens to Ben now? Depends whether you believe...

  • Ben's choice to kill or not to kill Jacob was his last chance at redemption/salvation and he will become the Man In Black's right hand evil-doer
  • OR...Ben killed Locke on the direction of Jacob to set the false loophole in motion and allow Man In Black to believe his loophole would work

7. A Pre-Season Theory (thank you Kelly): Richard Alpert is/was actually Jacob (God) or part of God (Trinity). Both are ageless. Watch the Season 5 finale and think about it.

o Particularly pay attention to what Ben says to Jacob before he kills him and then think about who Alpert was in Ben's life.

§ Look here.

§ And look here.

  •  See Jacob's interaction in the finale with Ilana. He visited her and specifically asked her for help. Then see the relief on her face when Richard (or Richardus as she calls him) replies "he who will save us all." (in Latin) when she asks him "What lies in the shadow of the statue?"
  •  After being stabbed by Ben and just before Jacob is kicked into the fire he chokes ''They're coming." The Man In Black was visibly upset by these words.


For those haters who say the writers never really had any plans for the end of the show until after season 3, in November 2009, executive producer Damon Lindelof stated that, regarding the scene in "Pilot, Part 2" where Locke explains to Walt the premise of backgammon using the concept of light and dark, he and fellow co-creator JJ Abrams had planned for those two sides to eventually be personified by two individuals (in reference to Jacob and his enemy). Believe it or not.

And finally... post a comment and tell us how you'll be enjoying the premiere... I'll be with a whole bunch of family and some of these babies. Enjoy.