An education on education: Ways to take action with the Native American House

You may have read the recent news that the student government at the U of I has made a step in the right direction by renewing the push to find a new mascot after anti-Chief activists spoke out against the University’s official approval to use the image of the“Chief” in the Homecoming parade last month. Students and community members are demanding from the U of I Board of Trustees to fully implement the March 2007 decision to rid the campus of the “Chief” mascot. As the University of Illinois is pressed to regulate indigenous cultural misappropriations that the Chief represents, find a new mascot, and educate the public about the decision, The Native American House on campus, who represents and supports the Indigenous student body and their families, encourages that they be sought out for advice and counsel.

Megan speaks with Beverly Smith, the Associate Director of Native American House, about the work they do for Indigenous students at the University of Illinois, and the importance of being educated about and sensitive to their experiences.  

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