If the Champaign Park District wants to make Mariposa Music Festival a yearly thing, they won't get a word of complaint from me — or anyone else Downtown Champaign on Saturday night, I think. I can't help but feel like the festival was a big success for Champaign. It brought together people from all walks of life to enjoy possibly the best part of our town on an evening that turned out to be beautiful. What else could you ask for?

Common Loon

The draw for Mariposa was the music, obviously, and with the lineup, the festival delivered. The diversity of the music was great. There were many different genres represented, there were local acts (Common Loon [who win the night for covering Madonna's "Material Girl" and for drummer Matthew Campbell's Ren & Stimpy shorts] and The Curses) and national touring bands, and they did exactly what they were meant to do: draw people in. And they did it well.


But the event's success is only partly due to the great music available. Most of the people in attendence Saturday can only vaguely tell you what PHOX is, or where to find Common Loon. But I'm sure everyone who tried a Triptych beer can tell you where they got it. Same with everyone who sampled a waygu hot dog from bacaro.

Mariposa was great because it was Champaign. It was our community getting together, enjoying each other's company, some great music (for which we are very spoiled), and summer time in the city we love. So, bring it on, CPD. Every. Single. Year. Hell, I want to do this again next weekend.