Rodney Davis tells it like it isn’t

Yesterday, the CBO released their updated score of the GOP’s American Healthcare Act.

NOTE: The CBO’s score was updated to include an analysis of the MacArthur amendment, you can read up on it here. I’ve already done a 3-part analysis of the original iteration of the bill here, here, and here. My criticisms of the original bill are (in my view) still valid, as the MacArthur amendment didn’t change many of the existing aspects of the bill. It’s also important because Rep. Davis supported both the original and amended versions of the bill.

As I’ll go into, the CBO score does not paint a pretty picture. 23 million more americans without insurance, 14 million in the next year alone. Medicaid gutted by 830 billion dollars. Massive tax cuts for insurance companies and the wealthy. People with pre-existing conditions/serious illnesses priced out of the market. The list goes on. In my view, no thinking person could come away from a reading of the CBO’s analysis with anything positive to say about it.

Nobody but our congressman, Rodney Davis that is.

Cameron takes a look at Rep. Rodney Davis' reaction to the latest CBO estimate that the Trumpcare will leave 23 million people without health care within 10 years of being implemented.

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