Pygmalion 2008 is in full swing, with reports of collapsing stages and assorted other excitement coming in regularly from the Krannert Arts District. This year’s festival boasts arguably the best lineup of the four years that Pygmalion has been in existence, with Yo La Tengo headlining alongside Black Mountain and Dan Deacon. However, chances are good that your favorite band in the whole world is not on the bill, and that fact likely irks you to no end.

So, who do you wish were here? It’s been documented ad nauseum this week that a founding editor of Smile Politely produces Pygmalion, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t express your feelings about the festival in this space. Heck, we might even listen. Setting aside such trivial concerns as budget, tour logistics and even whether or not they’re defunct, let us know what band(s) you’d like to see at Pygmalion.