According to this post on 25 O'Clock Brewing Company's Facebook page, their taproom is officially open for business. It was just over one year ago when it was announced that Pizza M was vacating Cafeteria & Company to share this space at 208 W. Griggs Street in Urbana.* 

This is good news for beer drinkers in Urbana, especially given the time of year it is where drinking outside isn't really an option. 25 O'Clock's beer has been available around town for quite a while, and they've had a variety of pop up events and shows just outside the facility, but this is the official opening of the indoor portion.

* NOTE: According to some reader comments, the brewery is not sharing the space with Pizza M, though the sentence above seems like it alludes to that. Apologies for any misunderstanding on that front.

Photo from 25 O'Clock Brewing Company's website.