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Psychic Twin joins Fort William Management

Erin Fein, and her project Psychic Twin, has been away from C-U for a few years now, but she and the bands she's been a part (Absinthe Blind, Headlights, etc.) of will always hold a place here. She's been out in NYC doing her thing, and much more is on the horizon for her musical career as Psychic Twin.

It was recently announced Psychic Twin is joining Fort William Management, which, well — please take a look at this roster and try not to say "holy shit" (highlights): The War on Drugs, Grizzly Bear, Jens lekman, Beirut, Foxygen, Menomena, and more. And that's just the beginning. Well done.

Here's a bit more about Fort William:

Fort William Artist Management was forged by the partnership of Ami Spishock (formerly of Zeitgeist Artist Management) with Ben Swanson, Chris Swanson, and Darius Van Arman (co-founders of labels Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, and Secretly Canadian).

Ami Spishock represents Fort William in New York City as our Head Manager; the home office is based in Bloomington IN.

Fort William is a haven for the creative and fearless. Artists are encouraged to grow and dream, the structure of Fort William existing as their professional backbone. The original seal of the town of Fort William, Ontario, reads: “A Posse Ad Esse-” from a possibility to an actuality.

Eric Deines joined Fort William in 2012. He currently manages Foxygen, Lonnie Holley, Jenny Hval, Steve Gunn, Gardens & Villa, and Dub Thompson.

Adam Katz helms sister company Next Wave Management overseeing a stellar group of Producers, Writers and Engineers. For details visit nextwavemanagement.com

Congrats, Erin!


Bernie Sanders Skypes C-U

Bernie Sanders gave a speech tonight over the internet to thousands of people throughout the country gathered in homes, community centers, and C-U's Fluid Event Center. Sanders fans gathered in the hall, slapped on a name tag, grabbed some snacks and a beer and waited for Bernie to come on the projector. When he did, people clapped. "We are sick and tired of..." Sanders repeated throughout the speech. Sick and tired of the minority killings, uneven distribution of wealth, and so on. The crowd was enthusiastic and the venue, drinks, and food were actually enjoyable (not something I have said in the past about the Fluid Event Center). Check out some of the photos I took. 


Looking for “Healing Works” (of art)

Each year, Rape, Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services (R.A.C.E.S) of Urbana puts on an art show, accepting submissions from survivors of sexual violence and the people who support those survivors. True to the spirit of validation and celebration of expression, the selection committee welcomes submissions of any art form, from artists of all experience levels.  


The exhibition of "Healing Works" will be hosted by Lola's Brush at indi go, this September 2nd - 6th, and they will accept submissions up until August 31st.  

To submit, call Stephanie or Rachel at 217-344-6298, or email admin@cu-races.org


Get an iconic Old Hollywood look at Kessler Optical

Typically when one thinks of old Hollywood fashion the classics come up. The Ivy League style popularized by Paul Newman and James Caan and Clint Eastwood (yeah, seriously) — the sack suits, Bass loafers, oxford shirts. Maybe you travel back a little further and take a look at Bogie’s perfectly cut suits and trenches, the look completed with a seemingly never-ending cigarette. Maybe Errol Flynn’s perfectly slicked back hair and a proper trench coat. Or Brando and the… plain white tee.

All of them fashion icons to this day.

One maybe stands out just a neck above some of his contemporaries though. The man was able to blend between the perfect suits of Cary Grant and the relaxed OCBD’s of Paul Newman into a juggernaut of style. So much so, even, that his signature look is being replicated and popularized once again.

Gregory Peck’s acting career is nearly unmatched. His style game is similarly in the upper echelons and some of that has to do with the fact that he wore glasses. The iconic portrayal of Atticus Finch sees Peck in a pair of timeless spectacles. When worn correctly, the Peck-type of frames have never really gone out of style. But with the re-emergence of the Ivy League style and a focus on hipper eyewear, the Peck frames are huge.

So huge, in fact, that boutique eyewear company Oliver Peoples worked in collaboration with Peck’s estate to re-create that signature style from To Kill A Mockingbird. They’re tough to find, but there’s one location in Illinois that’s not in Chicago that you can pick them up — Kessler Optical.


2016 Illinois Marathon registration now open

As I just noticed, there are only 276 days until the next Illinois Marathon, which could be more significant to some of you than myself. However, if you're interested in signing up for 2016's race, you are now able to do so.

Remember: If you had some issues last year because of the rain, they'll make it worth your while and comp your 2016 fee

Check out our recap of the wet 2015 race here.

Thanks to our pal Mark Palmer at TravelBlawg for the tip.

Photo by Sam Logan.


Illinois point guard Tracy Abrams tears Achilles, done for season

According to ESPN CU's Jeremy Werner, Tracy Abrams, a senior point guard for Illinois, has torn his Achilles tendon and will miss the entire 2015-16 season.

That sound you hear right now is Illini basketball fans crying.

Illinois played last season without Abrams after he tore his ACL in the summer and was forced to redshirt. Now, for the second year in a row, the Illini are thin on point guard options. Of course, that doesn't matter to Abrams as much; poor guy just can't catch a break.

Photo by Sporting News.