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Euriah and Old Fox Road announce tour together

Two of C-U’s best emo/punk groups are also two of the most relentless tourers, and they’ve just announced that they’ll be hitting the road together. Euriah and Old Fox Road, along with Chicago band Short Handed, are teaming up in November for a stint of fourteen shows. It'll take them on a tour of the Midwest before heading over to travel down the East Coast and then back home. Both local groups have been showcasing their fresh material around the country all year and they're now combining efforts. Check out the dates and locations below, and make sure to catch one of the high-energy, low-fuss gigs that these guys promise to deliver.


C-U's Shad Khan featured in Forbes' "American Dream" piece

After many years, the story of Shahid "Shad" Khan continues to resonate as one of the best immigrant-to-American-Dream stories. In the latest issue of Forbes magazine, Khan was featured in their story, "6 Immigrant Stories That Will Make You Believe In The American Dream Again". I've included the excerpt below, but you should read the whole story for yourself.

A brilliant entrepreneur, founder of Flex-N-Gate, Jags owner, and one chill Bud Light man.

The very act of immigrating, exemplified by Peterffy, is entrepreneurial, a self-selected risk taken in an effort to better one’s circumstances. It’s a mind-set. “You leave everything you have and get on a plane,” says Forbes 400 member Shahid Khan. “You can handle change. You can handle risk. And you want to prove yourself.”


For Shahid Khan, a Pakistani, the logical place to immigrate was the United Kingdom, “but the U.S. was always the promised land for me.” In January 1967 Khan landed at JFK, his generation’s Ellis Island. His connecting flight to Chicago was diverted by a snowstorm, so the 16-year-old flew to St. Louis instead and took a bus to Champaign, to the University of Illinois, where he was enrolled as an undergraduate. He had $500 in his pocket. Khan got a job working as a dishwasher at night after school for $1.20 an hour. “I was overjoyed. You just couldn’t get a job like that where I came from,” he says. “My immediate thought was, Wow, I can work. I can be my own man. I control my destiny.”

Khan eventually got a job as an engineering manager at Flex-N-Gate, an automotive manufacturer. A few years later, with $16,000 in savings and a Small Business Administration loan, he started his own company, which made bumpers for car manufacturers. He eventually bought out his old boss at Flex-N-Gate. His company now has $6.1 billion in revenues and employs around 12,000 people in the U.S.

A plant he’s building in Detroit will employ up to 1,000 workers who will be paid $25 an hour. Khan is worth an estimated $6.9 billion.

He still immigrated to the U.K. in a small way: He bought the English Fulham soccer team. But lest anyone challenge his preference, he also owns that most American of billionaire assets: a National Football League franchise–the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Top photo by Michael Prince for Forbes.


Urbana’s new marijuana dispensary, NuMed, opening October 25th

Champaign-Urbana's second marijuana dispensary will be opening October 25th. This comes after the first dispensary opened earlier this year, Phoenix Botanicals.

NuMed will be located at 105 E. University Avenue in Urbana, which Chris wrote about way back in 2014.

Per the News-Gazette:

URBANA — NuMed Urbana, the second medical cannabis dispensary that will operate in Champaign-Urbana, plans to open at 11 a.m. Oct. 25.

The owners are offering tours of the new facility at 105 E. University Ave., U, to the public in advance of the opening, from 4 to 7 p.m. Wednesday and again from 1 to 5 p.m. Thursday.


Neutral Cycle hosting Fix a Flat Workshop this Thursday

If you use your bicycle regularly, you'll know that a flat tire is a surprisingly common problem. Luckily, Neutral Cycle will be hosting a workshop this Thursday that will show you how to properly and quickly change your tire should you need to for only $10. 

They'll also be holding a contest for who can change a flat tire the fastest, which should prove to be both hilarious and fun. The event kicks off at 6:30, and will be held at Neutral's shop on 5th Street in Campustown.

From the Facebook Event:

Learn how to fix your own flats at this Community Workshop hosted by Neutral Cycle bike shop. For $10 you get:

- Set of Tire Levers
- Tube that fits your bike
- FREE Entry to the Competition

We will provide wheels, but you can bring your own bike. Register & pay in store for the workshop and/or the competition.

Flat Competition begins at 7:30pm
Think you got what it takes to fix a flat the fastest?

- Multiple rounds will accomodate different skill levels.
- Top prize is a $100 Gift Card!

That’s What She Said, in photos

I caught the second half of That's What She Said this past Saturday night where local women shared stories about issues particular to women but important to us all. 

Gianina Taylor Baker speaking about balancing professional and personal life.


Debbie Hensleigh spoke about aging and how to your current disposition defines your future self.

Ashley Morgan shares her struggles and triumphs with scoliosis. 

Katie Flynn closes out the show with a feel good sing along.


MTD giving free rides to polling places on Election Day

MTD has a really sweet offer out there for anyone who needs to vote in this year's election: they will be providing FREE rides for anyone between 5:30 am until 7:30 pm on Election Day (November 8th) in order to allow anyone access to their polling location.

For more info, check out MTD's press release below, and to check if you're registered to vote, click here:


For Immediate Release                                  

MTD will provide free rides on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 from 5:30 am until 7:30 pm so that riders can get onboard and vote. Voting is a fundamental right and civic duty. MTD is offering free rides on Election Day so that everyone can have their voices heard. Public transportation is the only transportation for many people including those who choose to ride the bus rather than drive and those who lack personal transportation. They all should have the opportunity to vote.

Riders should be prepared and learn where their polling place is and which route(s) will take them there. MTD operators will not have this information. MTD’s website at has an easy-to-use Trip Planner. Registered voters can learn their polling place options at MTD ADA Paratransit customers may also receive free prearranged rides to or from their polling place between the hours of 5:30 am and 7:30 pm.

Get some exercise using the bus while you exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. From 5:30 am until 7:30 pm all rides are free. Just board and go—no ID, no pass, nor cash is needed!


The Fights announce new album, Bramble Patch Blues, and a tour

Country-folk outfit The Fights have announced a new album. Bramble Patch Blues is their second full-length effort and first release since 2014’s Off Your Horse. The new album drops in advance of the group kicking off their next tour of mostly southern states, so get some gas money to the guys by purchasing the album at the Undertow store.

You might also be able to catch a new tune mixed in with The Fights’ classics at tonight’s Hogchute Opry Harvest, where Cole and Clayton will be playing an acoustic set. They’re scheduled to start in just a few short hours, so you’d best hit the road for Monticello ASAP.

Listen to “Everything Is Something (A Love Song)” from Bramble Patch Blues below.