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Rally against Trump and Rodney Davis’ tax plan November 15th

The tax plan proposed by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans is being voted on in the House this week and local group C-U Indivisible is holding a rally Wednesday at noon at Rodney Davis' Champaign offices, 2004 Fox Drive.

From the event's description:

The Repulican Tax Bill that Rodney Davis has voted to advance is a disaster for middle-income Americans, students, for health care, and for all Illinoisans. The only ones who benefit from it are large businesses and the wealthiest 1%.

Find out more about the rally here.


2nd annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Program is this Sunday

A year ago I attended the first Interfaith Thanksgiving Program hosted by Interfaith Alliance C-U. Just a couple of weeks after the nasty 2016 election, when I was quickly losing faith in humanity, it was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of the capacity we have for good. Leaders from various faith communities and traditions in our community spoke on their version of "the Golden Rule", the mayors of both cities spoke, and uplifting music was played.

I have no doubt this year's program will be equally as inspiring, the theme is "Tapestry of Faith and Community: Our Lives are Woven Together", and a great way to kick off Thanksgiving week whether you are a person of faith or not. (Seriously, even if you've never stepped foot in or never want to step foot in a synagogue, church, mosque, or Bahá'í center you will get something out of this).

This year's program takes place on Sunday, November 19th from 3-5 p.m. at the iHotel and Conference Center.


Check out Stango Cuisine, a new restaurant in Lincoln Square Mall

Stango Cuisine, a new restaurant located in the Lincoln Square Mall food court, is currently serving food on Sundays, with regular hours coming in January 2018. What's really cool to see is that Stango Cuisine donates 10% of sales to the One Dream Foundation, to help build a hospital in Zambia. 

Right now you can have a meal on Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Check out this recent photo from Facebook:

Yes, please. 

Right now the menu is limited, with more to come in 2018. But what's most interesting, IMHO, is this 75-ounce steak challenge. That's about four and a half pounds of meat, plus sides, for free if you can finish it. Check out this insane challenge:

More info is available on Facebook, which is where these photos are from. Stango Cuisine is located at 300 South Broadway, Urbana, in the Lincoln Sqaure Mall food court. 


The Suede Chain reunite; play Cowboy Monkey on January 6

If you never saw The Suede Chain live, you missed out on the precursor to bands like Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire shoving a few too many on stage in the post-Nirvana era, and actually pulling it off. 

Good news: they have reunited and are performing at Cowboy Monkey on January 6, 2018. Make plans now. I suspect that the 120 tickets available will go fast. 

Back in the day, they were one of my favorite bands in town, and I still listen to Ripplemark, their 1994 album with the one-two punch of the songs "Mississippi" and "Daisy Dawn" to start the record. Those two are so good that the rest of the album (also good) has a hard time playing catch up, in my opinion, anyhow. 

I can't find "Mississippi" on YouTube, and I can't embed from iTunes for some reason, so you will have to just settle for "Daisy Dawn" which is a banger. 

Regardless, the first week of January is absolutely for shit. I mean, is there anyone in the world that enjoys this week outside of sociopaths and deranged Christians celebrating 12th Night? 

This reunion show on January 6 will give you something fun to do. Plus, it gets violinist Mary Weingartner on stage, who was absolutely one of the best artists to hear perform in that era. She totally crushed it back then. 


Rodney Davis embarrasses himself on national television…again

It's no secret that the Republican tax bill is incredibly unpopular. If you're looking for a quick explainer, check out our write-up here. If you'd like to watch Rodney Davis fail miserably to defend the bill, check out the video below:

We're not sure who keeps putting Davis up to this, but his last appearance on MSNBC was just as bad, and his other attempts at a coherent defense of the party line on national television have gone just as poorly. You'd think that after being swept virtually nation-wide in the recent election, party leadership would be looking to mitigate their exposure, and only put the best and the brightest on camera. Clearly, someone dropped the ball by allowing Rep. Davis to embarrass himself (and by extension, those of us unfortunate enough to be represented by him) on the national stage yet again. 

RESIST 2.0 Art Event is coming in March

Last spring, local educators Katie Snyder and Shannon Percocco put together the RESIST Art Show as another way to protest as well as heal from the effects of the exhausting political climate. They've recently announced RESIST 2.0, a second installment of the successful event from last year, that will be held on March 10th at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center.

Artist will be asked to donate at least 50 percent of their sales to the organizations that organizers have chosen to support. Here are the details:

Throughout history, artists have responded to the turbulence of their times with artist expression. Today, we once again find ourselves in such historic times.

Art is transformative. It brings community together. And when we come together as a community, anything is possible.

Last year's RESIST show was AMAZING because of YOU. Please join us as we work to create RESIST 2.0.

We welcome both emerging and established artists. Please share widely within your contacts.

This year, RESIST 2.0 is very excited to announce the local organizations we will come together to support. Funds from the show will be divided equally between five organizations.

We welcome to the event Black Lives Matter CU, Courage Connection, Independent Media Center, Three Spinners and R.A.C.E.S.

We ask that artists donate a minimum of 50 percent of sales to these incredible agencies. Last year, we were heartened by the generosity of artists, many of whom donated 75-100 percent of sales!

More info on organizations can be found at :

Stay tuned for details on how to submit!


Hip-hop artist Sunny Ture releases yesterday's interlude

From the artist:

Sunny Ture is a hip-hop producer, engineer, and rapper located currently in Champaign, IL.  His influences include DOOM, Madlib, Lauryn Hill, and anything boom-bap.  Sound wise, sunny seeks to create a provocative yet smooth ride through the vision of Black 20-something's in today's world.

On yesterday, Sunny spins stories about growth, Blackness, wisdom gained through struggle, and community, over a heavily boom-bap influenced backdrop.  Yesterday's Interlude represents recordings from 2013-2016 that have previously went unreleased.

Check out the album on bandcamp and more of his music on soundcloud
All photos courtesy of Sunny Ture
For artist contact check out his Facebook and Twitter

Common Ground offering Thanksgiving in the Deli on November 22nd

Back in October, Common Ground announced their pre-orders for turkeys for Thanksgiving was available, and now they're offering this on the day before the holiday. Thanksgiving in the Deli will happen November 22nd starting at 11 a.m., running until they are sold out of food.

Check out the menu and info from the Facebook event below:

Stock up the day before Thanksgiving, when our Salad Bar and Grab 'N Go Case transforms into an entire Thanksgiving Menu, where all of our foods featured are made from scratch in the Co-op kitchen!

Family-size portions are available & ready to heat and eat in our Grab 'N Go. You can also portion up your favorites at the Salad Bar. We feature organic & local ingredients, as well as vegan, wheat-free, & allergy friendly main dishes and sides that are delicious and great for families with different dietary preferences. Did we mention we have 6 different dessert pies for you to choose from? How about herb roasted Triple S Farms turkey, our famous Stuffed Seitan with cranberries, leeks and mushrooms, and our wheat-free stuffings and gravy?

The Thanksgiving Menu will start at 11am Wednesday, November 22nd and will go fast until SOLD OUT. We sold over 430 pounds of Thanksgiving meals last year and we're looking to help you again this year. Save the Date!

Questions? Need 10 pies? Private message us!