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R’n'R DJs of yesteryear

We've got some mighty fine rock and roll DJs in town right now. Matter of fact, most of the DJs at Mike & Molly's on a given night are worth the one-dollar cover and then some. Back in the day — okay, really just five or so years ago — you could hear some splendid rock tunes, too. Check these local DJ sets circa 2003.

The Noiseboy @ Mike & Molly's (the night after Johnny Cash died)
DJ PBR @ Cowboy Monkey (hmmm ... who is this PBR fellow?)
Lyle the Electrician @ Cowboy Monkey (the legend!)
2ON2OUT @ Barfly (Mr. Fein and Ms. Stewart)
NOX @ The Highdive (goth/industrial/electro/etc.)


Some “Tesla” music I am down with

How did I miss this? These two Tesla coils are being controlled using something called a "Lippold Haken Continuum Fingerboard," some sort of Midi device under the control of local musician/engineer Mark Smart. This March 7, 2008, performance was part of an open house for the university's College of Engineering. The next time someone tries something this crazy on campus, please let Smile Politely know so that we can publicize it.

Here's a lengthier cut of the song, if interested.

Here's the full breakdown on the musical side of things, taken from the YouTube page. "Tesla coils were used to create musical pitches via a control system designed by university student Steve Ward. Two coils were used. The right coil is playing a prerecorded Midi track, acting as the bass, and the left one is performed live as a lead sound via the Continuum fingerboard. The Midi track as well as additional audio backing tracks were played via Cubase running on a Open Labs Neko workstation."


Ohtis shares a song

Here's a song from our album If This Country Had a Heart, That's Where I Was Born, which was reviewed on Smile Politely. We'll be playing on WEFT 90.1 FM on Monday, March 9, and then at the Canopy Club on March 12. Thanks to Mike Ingram, Seth Fein, the guys in Yoss Arian, and Brian McGovern for helping us break into the Champaign-Urbana scene. We hope to start playing more shows in C-U, so if you're reading this and you happen to set up shows, get in touch if you're interested!

Ohtis, "Downtown Your Heart"


Champaign Public Library’s bookmobile bites the dust after 46 years of service

We looked very carefully at whether to spend the money for a new bookmobile in
this time of tightening budgets. The cost of a new vehicle, along with annual operating costs, didn't seem like the best use of taxpayer dollars when we're working hard to meet overall increases in demand for library services.

–Champaign Public Library Director

Marsha Grove

The current bookmobile, a 20-year-old vehicle that served as a library on wheels and stopped at around 20 locations each week, would have cost the library approximately $200,000 to replace, according to the library's press release. The bookmobile's annual operating costs totaled $150,879.