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American Football's LP3 is out today

Back in December, American Football announced their upcoming new record, appropriately titled American Football (LP3), was coming out in March — and today is that day. Their third record is available for listening now, and purchasing of course via Polyvinyl. Pitchfork's Ian Cohen had some lovely things to say about it as well. Although the band isn't based here anymore, C-U will always be home in a lot of ways, even though they've moved away from imagery of the famed house on High Street in Urbana.

Read Nathanial's piece on the band back from 2016 when they performed here last. Stream it below on Bandcamp:


Poster Children's No More Songs About Sleep And Fire released 15 years ago today

Poster Children's excellent 2004 record, No More Songs About Sleep and Fire turns 15 today. The record was released on January 27, 2004 on Hidden Agenda Records, and was featured as #10 on our Top 20 Albums of the Decade when published back in 2009.

Stream the record below, and enjoy your Sunday.


Listen to Peter Winnipeg's new record Big Death

Peter Winnipeg is the moniker of singer-songwriter Paul Tisch, who just released his new record, Big Death, which you can listen to now. Winnipeg was previously in the band Puzzle Quest, and he recorded the record at the end of last year in Urbana. You can stream the record below, or find it on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud as well. The record is quite good, see the album art and track listing beneath the stream.

Big Death

  1. Golden Hour
  2. Drunk Walks
  3. Traffic
  4. Rebirth
  5. The Hustle
  6. Stuck
  7. Alaska
  8. I Can See (i)
  9. I Can See (ii)
  10. Hope In The Dark


Kenna Mae releases new album Still Asleep

Country/blues singer-songwriter Kenna Mae's new album Still Asleep is out now — as a matter of fact, she released the record today. This record is a follow up to 2015's excellent Blue Darlinwhich was our second favorite record of 2015.

Kenna Mae fronts Revelator, which put out a very good record last year. Stream the new record below:

Still Asleep:

  1. Pined For
  2. The High
  3. Ellen
  5. Do More Yoga
  6. Strong and Solid

Listen: zee exo releases new EP, black leather + free love

zee exo is a local psych rock project lead by musician Ryan Brewer, and he's got a new EP under the monkier called black leather + free lovewhich you can listen to right now.

While originally intended to be demos, Brewer mentioned to me that the songs "look on a life of their own", recorded alongside his former bandmate Sahan Jayasuriya in Good Night + Good Morning. You can check out the song on Bandcamp (linked above), Spotify, and Soundcloud now.

In addition, there's a video to check out as well, recorded by Pat Elifritz, also of Good Night + Good Morning. Watch that below.

Black Leather and Free Love from Pat Elifritz on Vimeo.


American Football announces new album out March 2019

American Football has announced their new record, appropriately titled American Football (LP3), is out March 22, 2019 on Polyvinyl Records. This is the follow up to American Football (LP2), which was released back in 2016 and their first album since their self-titled debut in 1999. You can preorder the new record here on the platform/format of your choosing.

Check out the album art, track listing, and first single "Silhouettes" below.

Read our piece on the last record ahead of their performance in C-U back in 2016 here.

American Football (LP3)

  1. Silhouettes (7:22)
  2. Every Wave To Ever Rise (ft. Elizabeth Powell) (5:54)
  3. Uncomfortably Numb (ft. Hayley Williams) (4:10)
  4. Heir Apparent (5:53)
  5. Doom In Full Bloom (7:49)
  6. I Can’t Feel You (ft. Rachel Goswell) (4:47)
  7. Mine To Miss (5:24)
  8. Life Support (5:57)


Rell Shaw lets off steam on new project Breakthrough

UIUC creative Rell Shaw said he was doing something special for his birthday, and Monday he did, releasing his project, Breakthrough. The eight-song, 19-minute project sees Rell address a number of personal matters, weaving rhymes out of his insecurities and formulating his own sort of breakthrough out of them.

Check out Breakthrough for yourself on Spotify below and streaming on all platforms.


wingclipper's 新緑 [Fresh Green] is a very good album

I've mentioned this local project, wingclipper, before in Seven Things, but as I'm taking a look at some local releases ahead of our year-end lists, I visited the project's latest release 新緑 [Fresh Green]. You should check it out. The production and orchestration involved here is top notch.

wingclipper is the project of Adam Porter, and he released this on Casette Store Day back in October. Porter mentioned the release was "inspired by the transition from Spring to Summer in Japan... the artwork and trak titles correlate with this theme."

Listen to it below, and look at the beautiful artwork that accompanies it as well.

新緑 [Fresh Green]:
  1. モクセイ [sweet olive] 01:37
  2. ヒノキノキ [hinoki cypress] 02:32
  3. ヤナギ [willow] 02:26
  4. カエデ [japanese maple] 02:13
  5. サクラ [cherry blossom] 02:45
  6. イチョウ [ginkgo] 01:05
  7. ツブラジイ [chinquapin] 01:27
  8. シキミ [star anise] 01:46
  9. スギ杉 [japanese cedar] 01:26
  10. カキノキ [persimmon] 02:03
  11. クスノキ [camphor] 02:35
  12. アカマツ [red pine] 01:24