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Our Landmark releasing their debut album What the Silence Says on Friday

Our Landmark is going to be releasing their debut album What the Silence Says on Friday, December 8. From what we've heard so far it's definitely one to check out. 

Check out "After Them" released exclusively to Smile Politely

Also be sure to check out their album release show at Cowboy Monkey next week Friday with We the Animals and Extremities. 


CJ Run releases new track “Runs World”

CJ Run has released a new track, "Runs World", which debuted on Prime Fortune today.

From the press release:

About the single "Runs World":

Runs World takes a look at CJ's past, present, and future, stemming from their diverse background. From growing up in England and Germany as the child of west African immigrants, to moving across the drink to North Carolina for high school, and finally moving to the heart of the Midwest for college. As non-binary story teller, CJ talks about figuring out their personal and musical identity while navigating the music industry as a newcomer, about wanting to stay true to British culture and music while trying to make it in the U.S., and ultimately, about what a uncertain future feels like in the face of each new day.

About CJ Run:

CJ Run is a singer, a rapper, a songwriter, a trailblazer. 

Born to a Nigerian family in Germany, and hailing from the United Kingdom, music was always at the forefront for CJ, who identifies as non-binary. By age 13, grime, British hip-hop, RnB, and electronic music had possessed them. With a deep understanding of pop sensibility, and enough hooks to last a lifetime, CJ Run is destined for the next step, after the next step, with the one before it, leading the one before that.

Currently based in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois — home to a litany of incredible musicians and producers who have helped shape the music industry — they have risen to the top of the local scene in just under a year. Incredibly prolific from their beginnings, CJ has independently released three full length albums with another on its way. Their sound is now unmistakable and urgent; pragmatic and decisive.

2018 will see CJ Run tour with a full live band into the Midwest, and beyond. Now is the time to hear them. Now is the time where it will make sense to everyone within earshot.

Now is the time.


The 27th Annual Great Cover Up is announced

Every year the Great Cover Up brings local artists together to cover their favorite artists. They've recently announced the 27th edition of the annual event, taking place in February this year:

February 2nd/3rd at The Canopy Club  [18+]
February 9th/10th at The City Center  [19+]
February 16th/17th at 51 Main [19+]

You can buy tickets in advance starting next Monday, December 4th.

Oh and you're helping a great program, too:

Proceeds from the annual benefit with be donated to the CU One-to-One Mentoring Program , the Matthew C. Farrell Memorial (scholarship) Fund, and the Urbana Middle School Bands program. Full nightly line-ups and set times coming soon.

Here are some of the confirmed artists:

90s Daughter
Brother Embassy
Caleb Cook Band
CJ Run
Fiona Kimble Music
Melvin Knight and The Amber Sky
Mike Ingram (of New Souls)
Nick Rainey
Ryan Groff (of Elsinore)
Slick Lisp
Sun Stereo
The Bashful Youngens
The Underwerewolves

Check out Facebook for more information.


Chawla releases his debut EP Still Waiting

Local artist Chawla released his new EP Still Waiting at the Canopy Club Tuesday, November 24th. 

The album as described from his bandcamp

Lyrics in a melodically driven sound that showcases harmonies as much as crazy guitar solos. It’s the perfect amount of pop and catchy, with a real full live band rocking out in the back.

Here is the album

Check out the EP on every possible site here

Stay tuned to his Facebook for more info


Truth aka Trouble’s track “I’m a Winner” to be featured on NBA games this season

One of Champaign's best musical artist, Truth aka Trouble, landed his music into the NBA and it will be playing during every game this season on Fox Sports. 

Here's the info from the Fox Illinois article:

The commercial is the one you will see on Fox Sports. Truth's song, 'I'm a Winner' will be featured in every single basketball game on Fox Sports during the NBA’s 2017-2018 season.

Oh and he's got a new album coming out soon, stay tuned to his Facebook page for that.

Probably my favorite song by Truth:

Check out the coverage by Fox here.

Top photo by AdventureHart Photography and gotten from Facebook.


Hip-hop artist Sunny Ture releases yesterday's interlude

From the artist:

Sunny Ture is a hip-hop producer, engineer, and rapper located currently in Champaign, IL.  His influences include DOOM, Madlib, Lauryn Hill, and anything boom-bap.  Sound wise, sunny seeks to create a provocative yet smooth ride through the vision of Black 20-something's in today's world.

On yesterday, Sunny spins stories about growth, Blackness, wisdom gained through struggle, and community, over a heavily boom-bap influenced backdrop.  Yesterday's Interlude represents recordings from 2013-2016 that have previously went unreleased.

Check out the album on bandcamp and more of his music on soundcloud
All photos courtesy of Sunny Ture
For artist contact check out his Facebook and Twitter

New atmospheric black metal band 酸葬儀 acidfuneral releases 放浪者 wanderer

Acidfuneral 酸葬儀 is a new local artist that recorded the backbone of the album 放浪者 wanderer, released via Swampkult Productions, over a 24 hr period and then spent the next three months adding layers to the backbone to finish up the album.

From the artist:

酸葬儀 acidfuneral is a new, local atmospheric black metal band (and I use the term black metal very loosely here) that is set to release a debut album on November third. 酸葬儀 acidfuneral - "放浪者 wanderer" is an absolute trip that drags you into the unknown, from huge, ambient leads to hellish blasts and extreme emotions- there's very little time to catch your breath once the album picks up. The bones of the album were written and recorded in a single day in July of 2017, with the following three months being spent building and building upon these ten short songs. 酸葬儀 acidfuneral attempts to capture the feelings and emotions of 2017 chambana, through atmospheric leads and bold lyrics emulate the essence of campus life in a new, very dim and hopeless light. The lyrics speak in first person of other worlds and their link into the realm of dreams- the connections between the stars and these fabrications of the human mind. Simply put, "放浪者 wanderer" is about experiencing dreamscapes...all of them.

Check out the album on bandcamp


Ghoul Jr. has released their debut EP

Ghoul Jr. has released their debut EP and will be performing their EP release show tonight at Blips and Chitz. You can pick up a physical copy of their album on cassette tonight at the show or on their bandcamp. After listening to their infectiously catchy first single HeveanI got really excited for the album and now it's here! Available on bandcamp and spotify


C-U Jazz Fest is going on next week, check out the lineup

C-U Jazz Festival is coming up next weekend and it is worth checking out. Most of the performances will be happening at the Iron Post, however the 4 day festival will include lectures, conversations, workshops and even a jazz lunch on Sunday. Be sure to check out local artists and nationally renowned artists next weeked at the C-U Jazz Fest! Here is the line up:


3:30 p.m.-5 p.m. — OLLI Lecture: Chris Madsen

5 p.m. - 7 p.m. — Krannert UnCorked: Ron Bridgewater Quartet and Opening Night Party 

9 p.m. - late — Iron Post: Chris Madsen and VandoJam  $2


4 p.m.-5 p.m. — Independant Media Center: Bastidas in Coversation sponsored by Jazz Education Network

5 p.m. - 7 p.m. — Pizza M:  Jordan VanHemert/Ryan Tomski  $5

8-10:30 p.m. — Iron Post: Des Paises Project, Victor Bastidas: Adam Larson, tenor sax; Rich Moore, alto sax; Wes Morgan, bass; Paul Bedal, piano $12 


2 p.m.-4 p.m. — Cohen Building: Young Artist Series: Bradley University Jazz Ensemble; North-South Ensemble  $2 
4 p.m. - 5:30pm — Upper Bout, Workshop, Tom Lippincott

6 p.m.- 8 p.m. — Pizza M: Andrew Walits Sextet   $5

9 p.m,-11:30 p.m. — Iron Post:  Tom Lippincott Trio; Matt Endres, Sam Peters $8


11am-1pm — Pizza M,  Jazz Lunch, Tom Lippincott:  $15 special jazz menu included     

1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. — Urbana Free Library, Kevin Hart/Donnie Heitler Quartet

2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. —Champaign Public Library

7 p.m.-9 p.m. — Iron Post, Rachel Therrien Quartet   $8