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Category: Audio

CJ Run releases “Aquafina”

Now that CJ Run has been around for about a year, you really should be familiar, but in case you're not, read this.

Today, they release their first new music since a late-winter EP, and it's just as good as what we've come to expect from CJ. 

Stream the track below:


Voidbringer releases new single

Acoustic experimental noise outfit Voidbringer have released their first single. The track “Ghosts In The Frost” combines the pensive emo vulnerability of groups like American Football with the ethos of metal and envelops the product in lush soundscapes. Voidbringer intend for the music to paint a picture of every aspect of C-U, and “to write hymns that bring life to darkened streets in a way that both identifies with and completely defies the local bands that shaped our music scene and its unique sounds over twenty years ago.” The track’s seasonal imagery conveys that dichotomy. 

The single is released ahead of Voidbringer’s forthcoming album, In Bringing of Voids IV: Icebound Dreamscapes Eternal, which is expected to drop this summer.

Stream “Ghosts In The Frost” below, and catch Voidbringer at the Saturday Night Sampler on July 22nd at Sipyard.


Unreleased H.G. Wells story discovered at University of Illinois library

Everyone knows that the University of Illinois' library is one of the best in the country, but this month, we got to see that personified, as a "new" (read: previously unreleased) H.G. Wells story was discovered in the depths of the University Library's shelves.

The new story, called "The Haunted Ceiling," goes into print in next month's edition of The Strand Magazineand was discovered by the magazine's Managing Editor Andrew Gulli, and is perhaps one of the most surprising discoveries surrounding H.G. Wells

To  listen to the NPR story on the find, check out the stream below and read their full story here.


Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl compilation streaming now

Champaign-Urbana's very own Polyvinyl Recordings has just released their Polyvinyl plays Polyvinyl compilation for streaming on their Soundcloud page.

The compilation, which is set to be released this Friday, November 25th, features Polyvinyl bands covering other Polyvinyl bands and is sure to be a treat for fans of the prominent indie label.

For more info, check out this tidbit from Brooklyn Vegan, and stream the full project below:

"This Friday (11/25), Polyvinyl Records will release its Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl compilation, which has Polyvinyl artists covering other Polyvinyl artists for the label’s 20th anniversary. There’s Beach Slang covering Japandroids, of Montreal covering Jacco Gardner, Braid covering Alvvays, Tancred covering Owen who covers Rainer Maria who covers Owen’s cousin/American Football bandmate Birthmark, plus American Football being covered by The Dodos, and still more."


Jay Moses releases new EP, The Thirst Vol. 1

Jay Moses has dropped a new EP, The Thirst Vol. 1, via TheGr8Thinkaz Soundcloud page. The project runs seven songs long, features production from TheGr8Thinkaz' own Rokmore on five songs and frequent collaborator H. Kal-El on two songs, and guest vocal appearances by Gr8Sky  and Klevah of TheGr8Thinkaz and Cii La'Cole. The new EP's title track, The Thirst, was released last fall to praise from our own Boswell Hutson, and last summer's Champaign Dreams: 1999 also found a spot on this release as the closing track. Check out the music video for Champaign Dreams: 1999, directed by local videographer FlyShotz, here on the FlyShotz YouTube page.

The album details the personal struggles and triumphs of Jay Moses's life as an aspring rapper. The production style throughout is spacey and chill, with lots of Rokmore's signature jazzy style and boom-bap drums providing a fitting canvas for Jay's smooth vocal flow and sometimes introspective lyrics. 

Earlier this year TheGr8Thinkaz' member Gr8Sky released his own EP, 5 pts, and TheGr8Thinkaz' member Klevah teamed up with T.R.U.T.H to release Mother Nature, the self titled debut LP from that duo, out on vinyl via Heirship Records. The trend of hip-hop's growing cache on the local scene seems to be going strong through 2016.


As Withershins call it a day, here are my favorites from over the years

Withershins are hanging it up as a band on Friday, performing their last show at The Accord with some friends. After seeing some commentary on Facebook, I revisited some of my favorites from their albums over the years. 

It's no secret that I enjoy the shit out of this band. I've written about them on several occasions over the past five years.

Aeriel was released when I was a Music Director at WPGU — a really introductory dive into local music in C-U back in 2009. I remember having both the title track and "Falling Waltz" in rotation at one point. 

Silver Cities was released in 2012, the first full year I was Music Editor here at SP. It was definitively the best album that was released that year locally. Ben did a really great piece on it once.
The band's final full-length, MT FUJI IN BLUE, came out a few years after Silver Cities. The title track still gets me.

Thanks fellas. It has been a good run.


Local barista turns rapper

Food is the 5th album by local hip hop artist Don Con. You may know him as Landon Stark, barista and coffee artist at Aroma Cafe. He's the one sporting the Chicago Bulls gear all of the time and pouring up some super cute foam art in your cappuccino. He's more than that, though. He also slays the mic on the reg and he's got an album that's just released and it's all about food. The track list is below. Listen to the whole album for free in the post below or at this link: Food | Don Con


1. Donald Nuggets 02:54
2. Mac and Cheese (Let it Sizzle) 02:35
3. The Rule of the Law of the Land 02:20
4. Pepperoni 02:40
5. Wieners Interlude 00:54
6. White Bread 03:40
7. One Wash 02:34
8. Eating Store Brand Cheese Crackers 00:30
9. Bacon and Ham 01:48
10. RUBADUBDUB (Yo So Thug) 03:44
11. Chug Break 00:26
12. King of the Cookie 02:13
13. Eating What I Want 02:50
14. Pizza Rolls 02:28

Image artwork by Andrew


Noisey premieres new Psychic Twin collab; signs to Polyvinyl

C-U music product Erin Fein (formerly of Absinthe Blind and Headlights), otherwise known as Psychic Twin, has just premiered a collaboration with Chrome Sparks through Noisey, Vice's music blog. The mixtape, which clocks in at just under 21 minutes, showcases a wide breadth of sonic moods in the form of one continuous mix, and it's pretty damn cool.
Coming with this information is the news that she will release her upcoming music through Polyvinyl Records, based in Champaign and famous for acts like of Montreal, The Dodos and American Football. 
To stream the project, just scroll down, but make sure to also check out Psychic Twin's interview with Noisey here.

Euriah announces new album

Urbana's four-piece indie/emo group Euriah have announced the release of their sophomore album, entitled Passenger. They have set up a Kickstarter page for pre-ordering the album, which also features a stream of the first single from it, called "Hesitation (Whirlwind)." The official release date hasn't been set yet, but the ballpark time looks like fall. Check out the pre-order and new single here.