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Not interested in Sweetcorn Festival? Go to Sweetcan Fest instead

Not interested in this year's Sweetcorn Festival in Downtown Urbana? Here's an opportunity for you: go to Sweetcan Festival at Sipyard. Yes, you read that right: Sweetcan

Hundreds of ice cold cans from Triptych Brewing, Founders Brewing Co., and Stone Brewing. Take a breather from the Sweetcorn festivites and grab a cold one on our patio (Curbana) or inside the beer garden.

After all, people beyond C-U think Sipyard is pretty dope. They'll be serving from 4 pm-2 am on Friday, August 26th, and noon-2 am on Saturday, August 27th.


Common Ground Food Co-Op hosting sausage cook-out this Saturday

If you're unfamiliar with Piemonte Sausages, it's one of the coolest unsung businesses in Champaign-Urbana. Hailing from Urbana, they make authentic Italian sausage for our eating enjoyment. If that has you excited, hold on to your hats for this one:

This Saturday, they'll be grilling out at Common Ground Food Co-Op between 10 am and 1 pm.

Included sausages will be: "Bernie’s Classic Fennel and Hot and Cantalupo as well as our new Birra Italiano."

For more info, RSVP to the Facebook Event here, and read the description of Piemonte Sausages below:

Susan (Carano) and Claude Cole started making sausage for the family and friends over 25 years ago. Family and friends encourage them to offer their uniquely, delicious sausages for sale. In 2013, Susan and Claude began exploring the viability of commercial sausage production and sale. They purchased and tasted sausage products currently available and had an informal sausage tasting with objective tasters. None of the products stood up to Piemonte Sausage. In 2014, after obtaining a State of Illinois Meat Processing License, Susan and Claude began selling Piemonte Sausage to local markets and chefs. As fourth generation sausage makers, they are continuing the fine family tradition.

Our sausages are made from locally sourced all natural pork, chicken and other ingredients. Many of the sausages we produce are based on family recipes and others are regional or seasonal favorites. Throughout the year, we produce Bernie’s Classic Sweet (Mild), Bernie’s Classic Hot, and Bernie’s Classic Fennel. Our distinctive varieties of artisanal sausage, including regional Italian sausages and other local favorites such as Holiday Apple, Cranberry Pecan and Chicken, Jalapeno, Basil, have their own unique flavors and stories. We also work with customers to develop and produce private label sausage.


American Football announce first new album in 17 years

After posting some crytpic teaser videos over the last few days, C-U emo legends American Football have announced their first new album since 1999's debut. Check out the tracklisting and album art below, via Pitchfork.

American Football:

01 Where Are We Now?
02 My Instincts Are the Enemy
03 Home Is Where the Haunt Is
04 Born to Lose
05 I've Been So Lost for So Long
06 Give Me the Gun
07 I Need a Drink (or Two or Three)
08 Desire Gets in the Way
09 Everyone Is Dressed Up


You can now pay all City of Champaign ordinances online

Not that you would do anything illegal, because no one ever does that, but just in case you have, and you've been charged an ordinance from the City of Champaign, you'll now be able to pay it online.

Previously, this service has only been available for parking citations, but today it was announced that it would be open to anyone who has violated the City of Champaign's Municipal Code, whatever the infraction be. 

The new site can be accessed at, and accepts credit cards, bank accounts and PayPal.

...the future is now.

From the press release:

City Offers Convenient New Way to Pay for City Ordinance Violations

The City of Champaign is pleased to now offer a convenient, online payment option for those ticketed for violating the City of Champaign Municipal Code.  This new service allows those receiving ordinance violation tickets to easily pay online at  Online payment options include credit and debit cards, online bank accounts, PayPal, and PayPal Credit.  Those receiving a City ordinance ticket can pay online starting 48 hours after the ticket is issued.

When a Champaign ordinance violation ticket is issued, in most circumstances the offender has 21 days from the issuance date to settle the matter by payment of the minimum fine.  This process is similar to that of a traffic ticket.  Historically, these payments are made in person at the Legal Department (Champaign City Building, 102 N. Neil Street), by mail, or by phone.  Payment generally prevents a case from being filed and the matter from proceeding to court.   In 2014 and 2015, approximately 61% of all ordinance violations issued by Champaign Police and other authorized issuing entities were paid in this manner.


U of I prof talks with NPR’s Codeswitch

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Assistant Professor Antonio Sotomayor recently spoke with NPR's Codeswitch about the historic gold medal Olympic win for Puerto Rican tennis player Monica Puig. 

Sotomayor discusses how "the very, very complicated relationship between the U.S. mainland and the island territory with its long colonial history has always been the not-quite-subtext of Puerto Rico's international athletic endeavors."

You can read the interview here

Sotomayor's latest book is The Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico.

Images from NPR Codeswitch website and University of Nebraska Press website. 


Here’s the full menu for Hamilton Walker’s Steakhouse in Downtown Champaign

First, there was an announcement about the new steakhouse coming to Downtown Champaign, Hamilton Walker's. Then, there were some renderings that surfaced. As they're expected to open "fall 2016", the new steakhouse — located at 201 N. Neil Street in Downtown Champaign — has posted menus on their website.

No prices just yet, but lunch, dinner, late night, chef's menu, children's, and cocktails — all for checking out.

LUNCH MENU (here for PDF):

DINNER MENU (here for PDF):

LATE NIGHT (click for PDF):

CHEF'S MENU (click for PDF)


CHILDREN'S MENU (click for PDF):


Rodney Davis, confirmed asshole, joins Donald Trump’s campaign

From a purely logistical perspective, Donald Trump's ascension in American politics is at least understandable - a ton of (ignorant) Americans are (wrongly) angry at immigrants, scared by fabricated international threats, and driven by ignorance and hatred, leading to the rise of a truly vile candidate who threatens so many of us so explicitly under the guise of "safety" and "prosperity."

What is more surprising than Trump's rise, however, is the amount of Republicans who have been flocking to support him, even though they surely have enough brain cells to choose otherwise.

Today, we can add our very own U.S. Representative, Rodney Davis, to the list of completely scared and cowardly morons who are supporting Donald Trump, presumably as a way to boost his own campaign by shifting even further to the right wing in an attempt to woo some Central Illinoisians to Trump's side, and vice versa. Today, Congressman Davis has abandoned the rational sect of the GOP (including Illinois Senator Mark Kirk) and has taken a position on the Trump campaign, as a member of his "Agricultural Advisory Committee."

Rodney, surely you have a stronger moral compass than that, right? I mean seriously, Trump actually advocated for a complete ban of a group of people due to their religion (remind you of anything?). Just last week, he incited 2nd Amendment Supporters by vaguely using them to threaten his opponent's life.

For someone like Rep. Davis, who is constantly on their moral high horse when it comes to telling a woman what she can and can't do with her body, the fact that he would stoop so low to support such a truly vile candidate is disgusting and so obviously opportunistic that it should make any constituent question his decision-making ability as a legislator, let alone the moral high ground he props himself up on.

So please, Rodney, accept my most thoughtful and heartfelt "fuck you." You're the worst. Bruce Rauner hasn't even stooped to this level yet.


Strawberry Fields hosting BBQ and live music on August 27th

For those of you who enjoy barbeque and live music (read: everyone), Strawberry Fields will be hosting another combination of the two next Saturday, August 27th on their front porch in Urbana.

The picnic will feature live music and costs $7, arguably the best deal in town. For more information, RSVP to the Facebook Event here, and find a description of next Saturday's happenings below:

It's back! Join us again for BBQ and live music on Saturday, August 27, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.!

Choose from bratwurst (halal), Italian sausage (halal), hamburger or veggie kabob. All prepared fresh on our front porch. Plus enjoy salad, sweet corn and a drink, all for $6.99!

All meat is provided by The Illinois Meat Company and Bauer Crops and Cattle, and is Illinois-raised and non-GMO.


Triptych Brewing and Jupiter’s hosting tap takeover this Thursday

Similar to Voltron, Triptych Brewing and Jupiter's Pizza in Downtown Champaign are joining forces for a "Tap Takeover" event this coming Thursday. Featured on draft will be four of Triptych's most delicious brews, including:

  • Done With Rye Puns (Barrel-Aged Rye Wine)
  • Little Secret (Hoppy Ale)
  • Because, Chocolate (Imperial Chocolate Stout)
  • Prismatic Spray (Belgian Blood Orange IPA)

Outside of that, details on the event are a little sparse, but keep your eyes posted to the Facebook event page for any and all updates, and come out on Thursday to enjoy some awesome beer, some great pizza, and maybe even a little billiards if you're into that type of thin.