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HUM's "Stars" on SPIN's "95 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1995" list

Lists are fun, especially nostalgic ones like this. C-U's HUM is heading out on tour (new website and everything!), starting with tomorrow night's sold out show with C-U comrades the Dirty Feathers. This is the band's first significant tour in quite some time. They've been featured on SPIN's list of "The 95 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1995" list at #31

Also, this is still great.

Here's the text from the article:

31. Hum, “Stars”

The flipside to “Girl From Mars,” Hum’s “Stars” is an equally spectral dream-pop crusher about a girl with a bad case of extraterrestrial envy. The riffing is as gorgeously anthemic and spotless as any ’90s fretwork found outside Siamese Dream, and the lyrics are as simultaneously wondrous and disconcerting as any perplexed-dude gawk at femininity since Talking Heads’ “And She Was.” —A.U.


U of I Chancellor Phyllis Wise to resign

In a surprising move, University of Illinois Chancellor Phyllis Wise announced today that she would be resigning her position on August 12 to return to the faculty. WCIA's Aaron Bennet has the full press release, seen below:

In making her decision, Wise claimed "external issues have arisen over the past year that have distracted us from the important tasks at hand." It's easy to infer these "external issues" are, at least in part, lawsuits against the women's basketball team and soccer team, as well as accusations of mistreatment of players on the football team.

Wise has been one of the most vocal supporters of Athletic Director Mike Thomas throughout his tenure and especially during these "distractions." As such, her resignation has the potential to greatly affect the future of the athletic department.

Here's more info from the News-Gazette.

Photo from Huffington Post.


Ronda Coleman announced as Champaign County’s first African-American judge

Yesterday, it was announced that Ronda Coleman of Urbana would be hired as the next judge in Champaign County, its first African-American judge and its fifth female judge. According to The News-Gazette, Coleman is a veteran prosecutor, spending her time in C-U as a Federal attorney for the Central District.

Out of 25 applicants, Coleman was chosen - and while this may seem rather typical - an expereince lawyer becoming a judge, that is - Coleman is breaking into an establishment continually controlled by white males, showing that Champaign County is continually striving towards representative diversity.


Former C-U resident-fronted band reviewed on Pitchfork

Grave Babies, a Seattle-based band fronted by C-U native Danny Wahlfeldt, took a dark turn on their latest album, Holographic Violence, out now on Hardly Art. In doing so, they garnered the attention of tastemaking music publication Pitchfork. Read the review here, complete with typical Pitchfork music-writing expressions including lines like the following:

"candle-lit-bat-cave, Peter-Murphy-drinking-merlot-out-of-a-human-skull levels of goth"

"Wahlfeldt's controlled chaos shudders and swirls around him"

and "It would be easy to imagine it as the soundtrack to a sci-fi film where teenagers in bondage gear roam a dystopian wasteland."

Wahlfeldt used to play in local band Coco Coca, though that was before my time here. The scene evolves, people come and go. It can be sad to see great musicians in great bands leave, but when they go they often do great things like this. Stream the album where it premiered on Noisey and decide if you think it deserved that 6.4 rating.


Immigrant Welcome Awards 2015 nominations due August 15th

The Champaign-Urbana Immigration Forum is hosting our 2nd Annual Immigrant Welcome Awards!

Immigrant Welcome Awards recognizes the contributions of individuals and organizations that have created a welcoming atmosphere for immigrants in the Champaign-Urbana community. We are seeking nominations for individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions, taken risks, and have provided leadership for the wellbeing and success of immigrants in Champaign County.

Award categories

  • Distinguished Service Award – An individual who has demonstrated long-term commitment to the local immigrant community
  • Leadership Award – An individual who has been a strong leader in the immigrant community
  • Student Leadership Award - A student who has shown promise as an important leader in immigration issues, locally or beyond
  • Community Organization Award – A Nonprofit or community-based organization, which demonstrates exceptional commitment to serving and advocating for local immigrants
  • Institutional Award - Local government or other large community institution, which has made significant changes in response to the growing immigrant population
  • Business Leadership Award (Any business) - A business that contributes to the local immigrant community through advocacy, donations or in-kind services
  • Business Leadership Award (An Immigrant Owned Business) - A business that contributes to the local immigrant community through advocacy, donations or in-kind services and/or a locally owned immigrant owned business that has contributed to the local economic development of C-U

Nomination Deadline: August 15, 2015.

Go to here and click on "Nominate".


Booster shots offered on campus this week after mumps outbreak

No-cost MMR booster shots offer to students at the ARC this Thursday and Friday from 9 am-3 p.m. Bring i-Card.

The University of Illinois is encouraging students, faculty and staff to get a booster shot of the MMR vaccine.

From the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs:

To Students, Faculty and Staff:

The Illinois Department of Public Health and Champaign-Urbana Public Health District have recommended that students at the University of Illinois at Urbana receive a booster shot of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine as soon as possible, even if they have already received one or two previous vaccinations with the MMR vaccine.

This recommendation is because of continued mumps infection in a number of students through the recent spring semester and summer sessions. Most cases on campus had two previous MMR vaccinations.

The goal is to maximize the number of individuals who have boosted immunity before the beginning of classes this fall. Students who are currently not on campus but planning to take classes on the Urbana campus in the fall should obtain the vaccine as soon as possible from their local provider or pharmacy. Immunity takes two weeks to develop after receiving a vaccination.

In order to facilitate access to this MMR booster shot, McKinley Health Center will operate a two-day special MMR vaccine clinic for students at the ARC Building on Thursday, August 6th and Friday, August 7th from 9 am to 3 pm. As an incentive to encourage a quick response, all University of Illinois students who present a valid ID card will be eligible to obtain the vaccine at that time at no cost.

Students who lack adequate vaccine protection, or those who are considered likely to pass mumps infection to other students, may be restricted from certain university activities, including classes.

For more information about mumps, please visit http://www.mckinley.illinois.edu/handouts/mumps/htm.

Faculty and staff born after 1956 may also choose to receive a booster MMR vaccination, subject to the opinion of their medical provider. Immunizations are generally covered expenses through the University’s employee health plans.

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District will be present at the ARC Building on Thursday, August 6th and Friday, August 7th from 9 am to 3 pm to offer this vaccination to faculty and staff at no charge on those dates.

Information about future vaccination opportunities through McKinley Health Center will be posted at the McKinley website http://www.mckinley.illinois.edu.

Dr. Robert Palinkas
Director, McKinley Health Center


In Case You Missed It: July 27-31

The week is coming to a close, and you've surely been busy all week — so I'll continue what did on a whim last week, which was recapping some highlights from SP from our group of writers and editors.

Q&A with Kenna Mae by Maddie Rehayem

Kenna Mae Reiss is one of the more talented musicians I've seen in quite a while here in C-U, which isn't being negative towards talent that exists here — she's just straight up incredible. Maddie put together a piece and spoke with Kenna Mae about a variety of things, and if you haven't done so, please do check out her music or one of her live performances. She's captivating. 

GirlZone rides again by Rebecah Pulsifer

This is a terrific event taking place this weekend only in Urbana at the IMC, which has been set up to create opportunities for girls in the community. Rebecah spoke with some of the organizers, and they discuss the workshops (soldering, zines, dancing, more), and the full schedule of events (live music included). 

Shades launches Shady Dawgs Kickstarter campaign by Patrick Singer

OK, so yes — I totally put this SPlog post together as well, but this turned out to be kind of a big deal, as Mark Hartstein, aka Shades, decided he was going to launch a Kickstarter to start up his hot dog cart. He's almost reached his goal in just a few days, which is pretty remarkable. A good spot in the SPlog from this week.

Catching up with Hopscotch by Jess Hammie

Kaya Tate is kind of a badass, and her creations are spectacular. You've probably seen her name and/or Hopscotch on SP previously, but this is a proper feature that Jess did earlier this week. If you're interested in the latest (and coolest) creations food-wise, do yourself a favor and check that one out that was featured on Thursday.

Good on you, Urbana by Boswell Hutson

There's going to be a new Broadway Market in Downtown Urbana soon, which totally rules — and if you missed it, read more about it from Boswell's piece which ran midweek. TIF funding from the City of Urbana is going to make that possible, or at least kickstart the process.

Tim Beckman says weird stuff at Big Ten Media Day by Tom Pauly

Tim Beckman continues to be a complete doofus.


Of course, there's plenty more to see from the past week. Hope you've enjoyed what we've published, or not. That's fine, too. Thanks for reading regardless.


Vintage Vinyl Sale returns October 3rd

Once again, the Vintage Vinyl Sale will return on October 3rd, per this Facebook event. It'll take place at Fluid Events Center from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., and all proceeds from the sale will benefit Illinois Radio Reader, a service of Illinois Public Media (from the event page):

One of the Midwest’s best sales of vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, and other donated musical ephemera is back and ready to rock your socks off!

All proceeds from the sale will benefit Illinois Radio Reader, a service of Illinois Public Media, which provides the reading of local newspapers, magazines, books, and much more to the visually impaired in East Central Illinois.

Pretty awesome — more information to come, I'm sure.

Photo from the Facebook event.


2016 Illinois Marathon registration now open

As I just noticed, there are only 276 days until the next Illinois Marathon, which could be more significant to some of you than myself. However, if you're interested in signing up for 2016's race, you are now able to do so.

Remember: If you had some issues last year because of the rain, they'll make it worth your while and comp your 2016 fee

Check out our recap of the wet 2015 race here.

Thanks to our pal Mark Palmer at TravelBlawg for the tip.

Photo by Sam Logan.