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Enjoy the weather with sangria and cheese

Summer is finally here, and I think there is no better way to celebrate than by sipping and snacking outside in Downtown Champaign. Restaurants with outdoor seating options are many, but I recently enjoyed a glass of sweet sangria ($5) and a cheese plate ($5 per cheese) at V. Picasso

I encourage you to do so, too. 

Photos by Jessica Hammie. 


Illini Football really milking Lovie Smith’s Bears credentials

In what I assume is an obvious ploy to grab some more Chicago-area talent, the Illinois Football team has announced a series of "Chicago Camps," which will draw coaches and staff from 25 different schools.

What's funny about this, however, is the blatant attempt by the football team (or U of I DIA?) to really play that "Lovie-used-to-be-the-Bears-coach" card, almost to a totally transparent extent.

Check out the flier for the camp series, below, which features Lovie in a Bears hat and shirt. I wonder why they just couldn't get a photo of him in some Illini gear? Wouldn't that make sense, given that this is an Illini football camp? Or perhaps they just couldn't get a picture of him in Illini attire, because none of those exist, apparently.

In all seriousness, though, if this actually gets good recruits to Champaign-Urbana, bring it on. It's just too bad that it has to be such an obvious ploy. Go Illini.


This seat at Espresso Royale in Urbana has the most chill

This might seem like a silly thing to post to the SPlog about, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Minimal amount of students, a little bit of traffic, steady coffee shop, green tree overhanging, gorgeous afternoon in Urbana. Corner of Goodwin and Oregon.

I think this spot is the most chill spot right now.

Enjoy your Friday afternoon and Memorial Day weekend, all.