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Bacaro, Watson’s and Farren’s to collaborate on tasting menu next Wednesday

Bacaro took to their Instagram today to announce a sweet new collaborative tasting menu with two of Downtown Champaign's biggest culinary heavyweights, Watson's Shack and Rail and Farren's.

Take a gander at the menu below, and try not to drool. The menu will be offered one night only, next Wednesday, August 23rd, and will also offer a supplemental wine pairing for those interested parties.


Big Grove Tavern creates Agents of Mayhem burger for Volition’s latest release

In celebration of Deep Silver Volition's newest game, Agents of Mayhem (which was released today, by the way), Big Grove Tavern will be serving a special AoM-themed burger and cocktail all week long.

Keep your eyes peeled for our feature on Agents of Mayhem, which will be published tomorrow, and in the mean-time, read what Big Grove's new burger entails below:

BGT salutes our neighbors at Volition. Their new video game "Agents of Mayhem" is released on August 15.

Beginning August 14, lunch we will feature our AoM burger all week as a special.

100% Black Angus beef
Beet whipped blue cheese
Purple cabbage
Korean BBQ sauce
Brioche Bun

Also find the description of the new AoM-themed cocktail, Hibiscus Heat, below:

Our AOM Hibiscus Heat cocktail is perfect for our patio underneath Volition offices at 1 East Main.

Reposado Tequila, HUM kaffir lime liquor, ginger lime syrup, hellfire bitters, and topped with Gosling Ginger Beer.

BGT is proud of all our bars cocktail creations and this is one of the best yet.


Have you seen Champaign Public Library’s Book Face Friday photos?

I get great pleasure from noticing when my favorite institutions have people with a sense of humor running their social media outlets, and Champaign Public Library regularly impresses. Each Friday, CPL posts photos for "Book Face Friday" to its Instagram page, and the results are fantastic. There's a bunch of other great content regularly posted to Instagram, and the photos are not pushed to Facebook.

Check out some recent Book Face Friday photos, and follow on Instagram for tomorrow's post.

All photos from Instagram. 


Papa Del’s has the best wings in C-U

I know this is a contentious subject. Quite frankly, Champaign-Urbana is filled with awesome wing spots (that we will dive more into later) and I'm sorry to hurt anyone's feelings, but Papa Del's has the best wings in town.

Just look at 'em.

They're marinated all day, the chicken is top quality and tender (not rubbery at all, like many wings I've come across), and it comes together for one awesome tornado of flavor. Though the buffalo sauce (pictured, left) forms the ultimate wing, the dry rub (pictured, right) is nearly as delicious.

I know one may typically not think about Papa Del's for wings, especially if you're going with the mission of devouring a deep-dish pizza, but I implore you to try it out. It seriously is the best wing in town.

Keep your eyes on our Food + Drink section, as we will have a definitive ranking soon enough. Until then, stop by Del's and get yourself 12 wings. It'll be the best decision you've made all week. I promise.


Miga announces new hours, other changes

If you want to try Miga's brunch, you better hurry because this Sunday will be the last Sunday that Miga is open. Beginning on August 13th, Miga will have new hours, opening from 5-10 pm on Monday-Thursday and from 5-11 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Word on the street is that some pretty awesome menu changes are on the way as well, but we'll have to wait for more information on that. In the mean time, keep your eyes posted to Miga's Facebook page for updates. 


Check out these fresh almonds at Fresh International Market

Fresh International Market has fresh almonds in stock. Look at these minty green little nuggets, and look at how affordable they are! Find them in the produce section, right inside the door. Check out this article for tips for eating. 

Fresh International Market is located at 505 South Neil Street, Champaign, and open Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Photos by Jessica Hammie


This building seen on Bob's Burgers looks a lot like the Illini Union

On the episode of Bob's Burgers "Bob Day Afternoon" it would appear that the Illini Union was a featured building on the television show. I noticed the U of I's Tweet this morning:


Salad Meister’s catering options are expansive, healthy and environmentally sustainable

If you're looking for a healthy catering option (that still is delicious), I'd recommend considering Salad Meister as a healthier alternative for your next catered function.

Not only are the salads massive and customizable (pictured on the right), but they're also offered in a recyclable foil pan, easily making it one of the most sustainable catering options in Champaign-Urbana.

The pan pictured is a "party pan," and feeds up to 16 people at $6.5-$8 per person.

For the more adventurous among us, Salad Meister also offers a salad creation station for $12/person which will essentially bring an entire salad bar to wherever you need to cater, allowing for exponentially more combinations. Either way, it's a nice crisp catering alternative that will help as we venture into the dog days of August.