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Check out this rendering of Hamilton Walker’s

Back in December, we posted about Hamilton Walker's coming to Downtown Champaign. It is set to open in September, per the article on the News-Gazette.

There's plenty of information about the restaurant in that interview, but in case you're unfamiliar:

Margulis is a restaurant consultant overseeing the planning and launch of the 1940s-themed, "Hollywood-baroque"-style Hamilton Walker's, set to open in September in the old Chicago Title and Trust building at 201 N. Neil St.


Hamilton Walker's will offer indoor and outdoor seating for about 400, including a bar area that can hold 75. There will be outdoor tables along Neil and Park streets, and indoors on the main level and in the basement.

In regards to the rendering:

Margulis is a restaurant consultant overseeing the planning and launch of the 1940s-themed, "Hollywood-baroque"-style Hamilton Walker's, set to open in September in the old Chicago Title and Trust building at 201 N. Neil St.


Let's talk about how poor this title choice is from News-Gazette

I understand what is happening here, though truly, isn't there another way to start out this article, News-Gazette?

Their online version expands to:

Those Who Served: WWII sailor 'so thankful for the atom bombs'

The print version, however:

We are well aware of the shock-factor and analog click-bait at play here with this kind of quote, but let's have some decency. With all due respect to Morris Hecker, Navy veteran of WWII, let's remember that millions of people were killed in the process.

Most certainly, many lives were lost on both sides of this war — and Hecker's bravery is not to be unnoticed. This isn't on him, it's on News-Gazette.


Weiskamp highlights latest Lightbox artist

Weiskamp has recently revealed their latest Lightbox display by artist Jenna Richards. The display was made from knitted fabric remnants and will be up until June 15th at Weiskamp's office and print-house on South Neil St.

From Weiskamp's blog:

The installation is comprised of repurposed fabric remnants from craft stores locally in Champaign and regionally in central Illinois. A remnant is a small remaining quantity of something, often leftover or unused — but not necessarily unwanted. The fabrics were chosen from popular fabrics in the past month, and the intent in choosing each fabric was so that patterns and colors may be read as screen printed. In using remnant fabric, I am supporting the idea that not everything fits into a standard, that the pre-measured is not necessarily exactly what is needed, and therefore is often left discarded.

In sourcing the material at big-box craft stores it ensures that the fabric is typically used for sewing or quilting functional objects and garments. There is significance in the intended use of the material because I am purposefully removing the material from its functional application. I am also intentionally mis-pairing material and the process. I achieve this by knitting fabric, where knitting is typically with yarn, and fabric is most often sewed. I am working against the concept that materials and processes have only one use and can be conducted incorrectly.

The pattern is comprised of a twisted stitch pattern. This is where one knits through the ‘incorrect’ part of the loop; this is how I originally learned to knit. I continue to knit with twisted stitches even after this ‘mistake’ became evident to me while reading Knitting for Anarchists by author Anna Zilboorg. This process of using an ‘incorrect’ knit stitch is important because I believe there are no incorrect methods of knitting, only different techniques. Not only are twisted stitches significant because I knit with that method, but they are also the only way that that knitting is applied in many crafts, for example in knitting looms and cord makers.

The notion that there is no wrong way is reinforced in my site-specific installation in many ways. I am using the remnant material that didn’t fit into the predetermined measurement, using fabric beyond its typical intent, using knitting with non-traditional materials and using the ‘incorrect’ twisted stitch.


The steak-n-chz grinders at Jupiter’s are really, really good

Jupiter's Pizza is known for, well, pizza and billiards, and as the first "new" bar to open in Downtown Champaign for a long while, back in 1997. It's a place that has true regulars; it's simple and no-frills for the most part. I like it. 

I've never been a huge fan of the grinders, though, but mainly because I just don't like hot sandwiches as much as cold ones when they are served like "heroes" or "subs". 

Today, however, I gave the Steak-N-Chz special a shot, at the recommendation of my server, which is only available on Mondays (and Sundays, depending on who you ask inside the bar, where I currently type). It's nothing that they really promo anywhere, from what I can tell. 

But I can state with certainty that it's a killer mofo sandwich. Like, big portions of steak and melted mozzarella, and served with a mild au jus and chips for $6.95. 

It's for real. Look at this picture, dammnit.

It's super tasty. That steak is like flank steak, but probably not, but it's been cooked long enough that it doesn't matter. It's tender and delicious and I want another one. My wife is out of town. I can have another one. I can do anything I want when my wife is out of town, dammnit. 

I am gonna get another one. 


Egg hunt in West Side Park

Yesterday there was an egg hunt at West Side Park. The park was alive with children and families hunting eggs, drinking smoothies, listening to tunes, playing in the park and enjoying the sunshine. Spring is here!



Polyvinyl founder Matt Lunsford crowd-surfs like a boss at SXSW

So, this happened — which is amazing and totally worth posting. Matt Lunsford is one of the founders of C-U's Polyvinyl Records, and still is such a kid at heart. Here's a photo of him crowdsurfing at the Polyvinyl SXSW showcase this past Friday:


Crowd surfing @mattlunsford from @polyvinylrecords during @whitereaperusa for the win.

A photo posted by Bank Robber Music (@bankrobbermusic) on

Keep crushing the game, Matt.

UPDATE: Thankfully, there's some video, too:


@polyvinylrecords Mat crowd surfing with the amazing @whitereaperusa #sxsw2016

A video posted by Greg Vegas (@saxblabbath) on


Featured Boneyard artist former pathologist uses bones as inspiration

This year's Boneyard Art Festival's featured artist is Charles Wisseman, a former pathologist at Carle hospital. He combines wood, steel forgings, ceramics, handmade papers, alternative photo processes, and other materials into mixed media sculptures, books, and boxes. Check out the photo below titled "Bones and Things," I think I spy a vertebrae. Check out his work at this year's art festival April 7 - 10th. 


Trump or Berkson: Paid for by Champaign County Young Democrats

I try to ignore all the negative attack ads, but the Champaign County Young Democrats score high on the creativity meter with this one. Here they photoshop a picture of incumbent County Board District 9 Member Astid Berkson and invoke The Donald to paint Berkson in a negative light. Coincidentally, the original picture is a photo of Berkson with State Rep. Carol Ammons. Nothing generates buzz and anger like Donald Trump, so I'm very curious to see if the aggressive attacks by the Young Dems will resonate with primary voters.

The quote from Berkson is pulled from The News-Gazette here.

Here's the original photo with Ammons: