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Category: Photo

Urbana Sweetcorn Festival’s “Who Wore It Best” contest

Check out photos of your favorite local celebrity wearing the beloved cornhead and vote for your favorite.

The contest will end the 22nd! Check out the full gallery below, and here are the names of the participants:

  • Andy Roberts: WIXY 100.3 
  • Brian Moline: News-Talk 1400 WDWS 
  • Jerry Morefield: WIXY Classic 99.1 
  • Sarah Addison: Mix 94.5
  • Dave Gentry: News-Talk 1400 WDWS
  • Elizabeth Hess: News-Talk 1400 WDWS 
  • Tamera McDaniel: Lite Rock 97.5 WHMS 
  • Stevie Jay: Stevie Jay Broadcasting 
  • Jeremy Werner: Stevie Jay Broadcasting 
  • Lon Tay: Stevie Jay Broadcasting
  • Josh the Prize Guy: Stevie Jay Broadcasting
  • Nate Rodgers: WICD ABC 15 
  • Laura Bleill: chambanamoms.com


Why does Dublin O’Neil’s have coins in its wall?

So we just sat down to dinner here at Dublins and noticed there are coins placed in the cracks of the wall, by patrons I assume. They aren't fixed with a glue. But they are all throughout the wall! Pretty cool. What is this all about? Perhaps an old Irish pub tradition? 


Black Dog is delicious

All this talk about some real estate website leaving Black Dog off the best of C-U food list made me want to share some photos of yesterday's lunch. 

Here's some Black Dog food porn. Enjoy. 

Appetizers: smoked chicken wings tossed in Georgia Peach BBQ sauce; cornbread. 

Lunch entrées:

Full slab of pork spare ribs, southwest potato salad and twice baked potato salad as sides. Hot Georgia peach BBQ sauce.


Beef Brisket sandwich, twice baked potato side, Georgia peach BBQ sauce.


Thursday burrito special, twice baked potato side, pineapple habanero salsa, mild salsa.


Smoked chicken sandwich, twice baked potato side, extra slaw, hot Georgia peach BBQ sauce.


Minneci’s adds outdoor seating

I may be behind on this but... Minneci's at the crossing now has outdoor seating. And while tonight was too chilly for us to dine outdoors, I could see myself enjoying meatballs and garlic bread outdoors in the future.

By the way, the food was delicious; the service outstanding; and the environment that feels like home with a bit more class. I recommend meatballs with a mixed red and white sauce with a house Italian salad.


Bikes chained to trees

Do you think people should chain their bikes to trees and other foliage? I can see how this practice could damage some of the beautiful greenery we have here in town. But I can also see that you need to lock up your bike and sometimes a tree is the most sturdy, accessible structure around. I also would not be surprised if there is already some city ordinance that addresses the practice.


What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for lock up that leaves Mother Nature out in the case that there is no formal bike rack? Do you think we need more bike racks? Where would you like to see more racks put in?


Wine Barrel Aged coffee at Columbia Street Roastery

Columbia Street Roastery has launched a new line of coffee — Introducing Wine Barrel Infused Coffee. We have aged preroasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee beans in a wine barrel from the Lynfred Winery for the past three months. Aging in the wine barrel adds layers of depth and smoothness to the flavor of the coffee. The coffee infuses with the subtle fruity nuances lingering in the aged wood of the interior of the barrel.

With each bottle of wine aged coffee you will also get a half pound of our regular Ethiopian Yirgacheffee. We are hoping you will take the opportunity to do a home cupping and compare the two coffees.

We only have 20 bottles left so stop by the Roastery at 24 Columbia St or get your bottle online at csrcoffee.com