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Rally for locked-out workers at Clifford-Jacobs

There was a great turnout this morning in support of Clifford-Jacobs workers

These workers were locked out of work on September 29 after rejecting a 4-year contract with no wage increase but a higher employee contribution to health coverage.

Today, management returned to the bargaining table. The community rallied to demonstrate support for Clifford-Jacobs workers and workers throughout C-U.

State Senator Scott Bennett and State Representative Carol Ammons spoke at the rally.


ArtWars: Urbana strikes back

Countering Champaign's bold move of mid-September, Urbana has announced its most recent play in the tacit struggle for the title of most-art-supportive town. A two-pronged maneuver, Meadowbrook park will be fortified with another sculpture and have an existing sculpture moved "for better viewing". 

A side-effect of this strategy is that it will also reinvigorate the Hickman Wildflower Walk, as both sculptures will be planted with surrounding wildflowers. 

Tall Ships II, left, by Wisconsin artist Bruce Neimi, will be newly placed alongside the east end of the organic gardens near the Walk. Molecular Reflections will be relocated to the intersection of the Wildflower Walk and the Wendell Sculpture Garden. 

These movements are planned for October 14th, with a rain date of October 26th. Perhaps Champaign will be able to retaliate before winter prevents any further art installations, or perhaps Urbana will have the last word...for now. 

Although neither town's government has confirmed this contention to exist anywhere other than in my own head, this is a war that everyone wins, and I truly look forward to admiring Meadowbrook's new configuration. 


Larry Kanfer calendars on sale

I personally really enjoy Larry Kanfer's photographs which make our local scenery look like a piece of art. Right now he has 2016 calendars on sale until October 31st. If you or someone you know loves prairiescapes then this would be a really nice gift.

I would recommend you go into his gallery to pick one up so that you can marvel at his displays but you can also buy them online. His gallery is located at 2503 S. Neil St. Champaign.


Sigma Chi flaunts sexist signage

As if news surrounding the University of Illinois couldn't get worse, today, Jezebel broke a story about "Derby Days," a large-scale philanthropical effort fronted by Sigma Chi fraternities all over the country. As it turns out, the event is perhaps not as philanthropical as one might think - but all of that legwork is revealed in the original article. It just so happens, however, that the U of I's edition of "Derby Days" (whose signs can be seen in the photo above) was brought to Jezebel's attention first, prompting a larger investigation.

No, this isn't just confined to Illinois, but once again, we're plastered on a publication for the stupidity and shortsidedness of a fraternity. Who could forget Delta Chi's incredibly insensitive depiction of a native american cutting a gopher or the same fraternity's hanging of a Confederate flag in the window?

On a side note, how the hell did the Sigma Chi bretheren think they could blatantly display something so offensive to so many and not get called out for it? I know those entry level business classes and "executive board" meetings are hard, but they can't possibly fry the brain to a point where it would actually think this is a good idea. Come on, guys. We're better than this.

(Photo by Jezebel.com)


The pleasures of an early show at PygFest

Ever since the outdoor shows began at Pygmalion, I have been one of those people who is there early and stays late. No, not because I love outdoor shows, but because I am the picture of a frugal Midwesterner and I am going to get my money's worth, come hell or highwater. And every year, I have seen some amazing acts early in the afternoon, and been truly amazed that almost no-one else was there.

I have to say, C-U, you are missing out. 

I have seen some truly awesome sets before the rest of the crowd showed up. Remember when the power went out and Little Green Cars came down off the stage and sang acapella until things got sorted? How about that time Modern Kin just freaking shredded for the 25 of us that were awake? Or Ex Hex — how is it possible that only a handful of people showed up for legendary Mary Timony? If you weren't there, you should be kicking yourself. 

Do yourselves a favor, PygFesters, get there early tomorrow. There are some truly quality bands who deserve a great audience. Party late tonight, set an alarm for tomorrow, and manage to find pants before noon. Flying Machine will be there to help you out, and you will get to hear some great sets.

Photo of the cool kids listening to Sarah Jaffe taken by David Bellmore. 


PygLit and Spork Press made something beautiful

So I work for a library and a bookstore and over the course of 17 relocations, I have only added to my boxcount when it comes to books I own. I may have a problem with the printed word as physical object.

But look at how beautiful this is!  I can't even. 

This is a limited-run book put out by Spork Press containing two stories written by Brian Evenson, one of which is previously unpublished. He'll talk about it Friday in his interview, but I couldn't wait to show the pretty. 

It will be sold exclusively at the Pygmalion Book Fair at the Blind Pig (bigpig) from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.  

UPDATE: The $10 pricetag on this will actually benefit literacy efforts in C-U schools, and it is still for sale tonight at the Mike & Molly's reading at 8pm.  If you miss it and still want to donate, go to www.culiteracy.org


The Blind Pig beergarden just got a little brighter

Rebecah posted about this earlier this year, and it made me wonder the same thing: When are these lights going to go out? Also, when are they going to be replaced?

Well, Chris Knight, owner of Blind Pig, has answered that question for us via Facebook:

Shameless plug since we're in Pygmalion Festival mode here at SP: There are a few events happening in this very beergarden throughout the weekend — one being the Brewing Tech panel on Saturday at 12:30 p.m., and the Lit Crawl happening at 5 p.m.


Weiskamp unveils limited edition Pygmalion Festival designs for Made Fest

Weiskamp Screen Printing has unveiled the limited edition shirt designs that they'll be pressing on-site at this year's installment of the Made Fest — the handmade, craft component of The Pygmalion Festival.

From Weiskamp:

The first design is by Warren Bensken, Weiskamp’s art director. 

The following images are a set of designs by Matt Brooker, a freelance Weiskamper and owner of Brooker Design Co. out of Fort Wayne, IN.  Matt’s design allows the buyer to pick which Pygmalion-related color they’d like their shirt printed in. 

All designs will be available on a variety of colors of shirts and totes, and only at The Made Fest!