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Watson’s celebrating two year anniversary this weekend

It's been two years since Watson's Shack & Rail appeared on the downtown scene to grace us with their delicious fried chicken presence. In honor of the occasion, you can enjoy $2 off all sandwiches and slushies all day Saturday, February 3rd. I am a fan of the Kentucky Bourbon slushie in particular, and seriously...look at that sandwich. If you're out late, there will be live music after 11p.m. Stay tuned to the Facebook event page for more details. Oh, and be sure to check out our most recent review of their Restaurant Week offerings.


Here’s the menu for The Pink Pig in Ogden

The Pink Pig, a barbecue restaurant set to open soon in Ogden (2698 County Road 1600 N), has posted its menu. Prices and sauces haven't been finalized yet, so follow the restaurant on Facebook for future updates. The menu includes some standards, as well as some combos you won't find at other barbecue spots in C-U. 

Photos from Facebook


Peanut butter on a cheeseburger: discuss

Newly opened Broadway Food Hall is doing this thing called Friday Night Burger Royale during Urbana's First Fridays. That is, it is a battle royale, but instead of a massive fight to the death, you just decide which burger you like more.

January's winner, the nacho cheeseburger, will be up against February's contender: the peanut butter cheeseburger. 

Some questions: 

  • Is it just peanut butter? If so, what brand?
  • Is it a peanut sauce, like a satay?
  • What kind of cheese?
  • What else is on this burger?

You can get this peanut butter cheeseburger at Broadway Food Hall from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, February 2nd. Broadway Food Hall is located at 401 N Broadway, Urbana. 

Photo from Facebook. 


Oh my goodness, look at these cute photos

Last weekend, the Champaign Public Library hosted an event called Teddy Bear Hospital, inviting children to bring their injured or sick stuffed animals to the library for a free health clinic. The U of I Veterinary Student Outreach Program was on hand to facilitate. 

When I posted about the event last weekend, I thought it was a cool and cute opportunity to teach kids about science, and health, and animals. CPL posted some photos of the event, and they are just too damn cute. Spoliers: the kids are wearing scrubs! And masks! And gloves! And oversized shoe coverings! 

I am now full of hope and happiness, at least in this moment. 

Check them out below. 

Top photo from Facebook. 


Here is a better photo of Professor Jay Rosenstein, who wasn’t charged with any crime last night

Just so we're all 100% clear, let's list some facts: 

UIUC Professor Jay Rosenstein is one of the most important activist/filmmakers in the world, creating award-winning documentaries about issues surrounding civil and constitutional rights in America. 

UIUC Professor Jay Rosenstein respects the concept of dissent, can intellectually manage it, and has forever engaged in coherent and thoughtful debate about the issues surrounding "The Chief." He has, on multiple occasions, attempted to discuss the topic with supporters of "The Chief." His work is comprehensive, and there is a reason he was awarded both an Emmy Award and a Peabody Award. It wasn't by accident. 

The Native American House on campus, comprised of actual card carrying members of actual Native American tribes, has consistently, and loudly, proclaimed their dissent towards the "Honor The Chief Society", which promotes a modern day minstrel show, and that represents Native Americans in harmful and degrading ways. 

When The News-Gazette publishes mugshots, and reporters like Mary Schenk use one-sided accounts about events that will affect the livelihood and safety of people in this community, they create an imbalanced and dangerous space for people who are, by law, innocent until proven guilty. The people who manage the editorial at the 150 year old daily newspaper know this, and continue to showcase their cowardice in this way, despite outcries from the community to end the practice. 

UIUC Professor Jay Rosenstein WAS NOT charged with a crime at State Farm Center last night. He was arrested, and released, and was not charged with any crime. Those are the FACTS. 

The photo above is of Jay Rosenstein. This is the one you should be looking at, not the one from the county jail, which is not representative of him or of his work or his importance to this community and to this world. 

That is all. 

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this post erroneously claimed that Mr. Rosenstein "HAD NOT committed a crime" and was subsequently changed to "WAS NOT charged with a crime." Smile Politely regrets the error. 


Here’s a beer I drank: Triptych’s AJ’s with Coffee

I made a trip to Savoy this weekend to hang at Triptych's tap room, busy as usual.

It was a chilly night, so I decided to go to the stout route — ordering myself one of these AJ's with Coffee (11.5% ABV). A good stout indeed, though it definitely was heavy-handed on the coffee component, which was welcomed for a variety of reasons.

AJ's with Coffee is a play on their usual AJ's Stout, and this one ran $7 a serving, $2.50 a sample. At that ABV, $7 seems right on the money.