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Category: Photo

Donation parking meter

I spotted this meter downtown just outside of Big Grove. The idea behind it is that you can put your change into it and the money will go to helping local homeless people. RealChangeCU.org is the website associated with the meter and touts that a mere 65 cents donated will pay for a nights stay at a shelter including meals. The program is sponsored by our local mental health program Community Elements. 

What do you think about this idea? Will it "change" anything?


Where can I develop film in C-U?

Walgreens on Springfield Avenue is the only place in town that I have found to develop rolls of film. This may be changing come wintertime, though. They are slated to implement a new "dry print" system and are unsure of whether or not they will still develop rolls of film. 

If you know of anywhere else in town to develop film or if you have anything to say about film vs. digital photography, post it here!

P.S. — Does anyone know in which local establishment this photo of printed photographs was taken? Bonus points if you do. 


Illini football sings a victory song

I saw this happen after the game today and thought it was, well, sweet. During the game both the football team and the band perform but rarely do they interact. I liked this because they stood there, looked at each other, and sang together. It was like "we did it, together."


New espresso machine at Aroma Cafe

Stop by and check out our new baby at Aroma Cafe. Now pulling perfect shots of espresso, our brand new shiny espresso machine is a welcome upgrade behind the counter.

What should we name her? Comment down below with your suggestions! We're leaning toward Demitasse Moore... or Lovato.

If coffee isn't your thing, we've got ice cold Italian sodas, frozen lemonade, smoothies and more!


Dodds Park opens frisbee golf course

Dodd's Park now has an 18 hole frisbee golf course complete with baskets and concrete pads to throw off of. It opened last Wednesday. The course starts near the softball fields. It is most easily accessed from Mattis Avenue.


Fitness Center under construction

I may be behind on this but wow! Holy construction. The fitness center has been around a long time and now it looks like it's getting a major overhaul. What's the story here? Will it still be FC? When will it be done?