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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Dow Chemical sit-in at Noyes Lab

On October 25, 1968 about 300 students marched into Noyes Lab on the UIUC campus, filling the hallway and blocking a particular door.

In that room sat a Dow Chemical recruiter, who expected to quietly interview  students who wanted to work for a corporation that mostly made household products to make American homes clean and safe. What he got was a rowdy and antagonistic crowd of students who knew the truth about the company: 

Dow had decided to make money by colluding with the Department of Defense to make an anti-personnel gel called "napalm" that stuck to flesh and burned like Hell’s fires.

The students who flocked in that day to block the interviews probably couldn't know that Dow and the creation and use of napalm would end up creating perhaps the most iconic image from the ghastly war; it depicted a very young, naked, Vietnamese girl running down a dirt road, her arms flung in the air, her face contorted in pain, her body aflame with napalm.

The University said we were interfering with the right of students to get jobs. We said the military was violating the bodies of humans, inflicting a terrible pain agent on civilians who was just an innocent victim of this war.

The Sit-In lasted for three days and nights. The students refused to leave. The University threatened to call the police and arrest everyone. But, avoiding the riots that police action had caused on other campuses, they didn’t, finally relenting and canceling the interviews. It was a small victory, but, even today, millions of older Americans are still against the unjust wars our country continues to foment.

Photo of Noyes Lab Sit In courtesy of Michael Metz
Photo of UIUC Quad unknown and unrelated to this Sit In


PetNet Rescue saves the cutest creatures, and you can adopt them

Have you heard of PetNet Rescue, a local non-profit dedicated to finding loving homes for animals in the greater C-U area? 

The volunteer-run organization helps find foster and permanent homes for plenty of small rescue animals (mostly dogs and cats). You can follow the organization on Facebook for updates on adoptable animals, fostering, and good news (though sometimes there is also sad news, fair warning). You can also find info on donating time/supplies/money. 

In an effort to make Tuesday a little easier for you, here are some photos of Pickle, a stray mini pig who was found a few days ago and will be available for adoption — let's just say he's a real ham. 

All photos from Facebook. 


Dress your dog up for Doggies in Disguise October 28th

Have fun and help raise money for the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Tuscola with Doggies in Disguise.

Dress your dog up for Halloween and bring him or her to The Vault Art Gallery from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28. All proceeds from the entry fee of $5 per dog will go to the Douglas County Animal Shelter to help with spaying and neutering costs. There are three categories: children, adults ages 16 and over, and "Best in Show" (a people's choice award). Winners will receive a "doggie" gift basket. All well-behaved dogs are welcome! Must be up to date on all shots. Entry forms are at The Vault. Call 217.599.1215 or send an email to for more information.


Check out Bacaro’s menu for this Friday’s Cooking with Friends

A former Bacaro chef returns to the kitchen to cook in this installment of Cooking with Friends — Michael Miller is the esteemed guest chef.

This is the next edition of this series — first  there was Watson's and Farren's, second as well as Art MartEditor's Note: I didn't realize there was a first one of these with Maize, so that was brought to my attention, thus my updates here with strikethrough.

Here's the post, and the menu below that if you're having trouble with the size of the Facebook text:



Take a look at MIGA’s new, expansive sushi menu

MIGA in Downtown Champaign announced that they would be adding a sushi bar and a new sushi chef at the beginning of this month, so a group of us went and checked out their new and expansive sushi menu last week.

You might know MIGA's sister restaurant, Sakanaya, which sushi is one of their specialties in addition to ramen.

Check out the full menu here, and what we had to eat (and drink) below.

All photos by Anna Longworth.

Sashimi Deluxe: 15 pieces of Chef’s choice sashimi

Hungry Roll: shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and crab, wrapped with spicy tuna and eel, eel sauce spicy aioli

Ceviche: salmon, white fish, tuna, red onion, mango, seaweed mix, yuzu konbu vinaigrette

Sushi Deluxe: nigiri (10 piece) and 1 classic roll (california, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, spicy tuna, or shrimp tempura)

A photo of the menu, which you can check out in full linked above.

A few cocktails we tasted:

Hot Pepper Punch: habanero vodka, mango & agave nectar, muddled jalapeño, lime juice

Spiced Cranberry Fizz: ginger & orange infused simple syrup, cranberry juice, prosecco

The chefs in action.


Here’s a sneak peek at Wicked Rascal Barber Shop, opening Tuesday in Urbana

Wicked Rascal Barber Shop & Shave Parlor opens tomorrow, Tuesday, October 10th, in Downtown Urbana (218 W. Main). Back in April, I noticed that there was a decal on the door, and progress has been made over the course of a handful of months.

Sam Logan went and snapped some photos prior to the opening tomorrow — they'll be open from 9 11a.m.-6 p.m. Check out all the information about the Urbana shop's prices and hours here.


Chris Rock is posting about former local comedian Janelle James on Instagram

Chris Rock is posting about Janelle James, a former local comedian, on his Instagram about her new special, Black & Mild. James performed in C-U as recently as last year at the Accord (what is now 51 Main). She is, without question, on the up and up in a huge way. She's hilarious.

Chris Rock has 2.3M followers on Instagram, so that should help push some people to check out the new special.


Check out the extremely talented @janellejamescomedy. "Black & Mild" available on ITunes now! You're welcome.

A post shared by Chris Rock (@chrisrock) on


Is Kit Harington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) coming to C-U?

We were tipped off about this billboard — which exists at Neil and Springfield in Champaign (directly next to Weiskamp and Melby Chiropractic) — so it raises the question: Is Kit Harington coming to Champaign-Urbana September 23-24?

Kit Harington plays the character of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Have any tips about this? Let us know in the comments.

Top photo from HBO.