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Wine Barrel Aged coffee at Columbia Street Roastery

Columbia Street Roastery has launched a new line of coffee — Introducing Wine Barrel Infused Coffee. We have aged preroasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee beans in a wine barrel from the Lynfred Winery for the past three months. Aging in the wine barrel adds layers of depth and smoothness to the flavor of the coffee. The coffee infuses with the subtle fruity nuances lingering in the aged wood of the interior of the barrel.

With each bottle of wine aged coffee you will also get a half pound of our regular Ethiopian Yirgacheffee. We are hoping you will take the opportunity to do a home cupping and compare the two coffees.

We only have 20 bottles left so stop by the Roastery at 24 Columbia St or get your bottle online at csrcoffee.com


Urbana purchases “Fanfare” for Permanent Collection of Public Art

"Fanfare", by Shawn Morin, has been selected for purchase for the permanent collection of public art of the City of Urbana. "Fanfare" has been installed in downtown Urbana since 2010 at the corner of Race and Elm Streets as part of a rotating public sculpture program administered by Urbana’s Public Art Program. Artist Shawn Morin currently lives in Bowling Green, Ohio and is the Head of the Sculpture Program at Bowling Green State University.

This project is part of the Urbana Public Arts Program, whose aim is to create a city where all residents can engage with the arts in its many forms, and where art is an integral part of the civic environment. For additional information, contact the Urbana Public Arts Coordinator, Lisa Hatchadoorian at (217) 328-8265, or by email at lhatchadoorian@urbanaillinois.us.


Garden Hills fair serves murder mix

I love what the Garden Hills Neighborhood Association does for the people of GH, me included. They hold meetings to discuss neighborhood matters, formulate plans to improve it’s landscape, and once a year hold this outdoor festival that is today, until 7:30pm and Garden Hills Park.

I stopped by to check it out. The police and fire department were there for a meet and greet; home depot employees were showing off home safety equipment like fire extinguishers and fire alarms; there was a bounce house; and finally free Hawaiian shaved ice from a local food truck.

So I went to enjoy a shaved ice and in my usual fashion I asked for their signature shaved ice. The man working said “well that would be ‘murder mix.’” I think the name is inappropriate and insensitive especially being served during a community event for people who may have suffered from homicidal crimes.


Pay by phone parking meter

I love paying parking meters by phone. This one is on South Dorner Drive, the street that is off of Pennsylvania Avenue and leads to CRCE on campus. The process is such: you call the 800 number, set up a credit card and a PIN number, then when you park you call, log on, enter your space number and how many hours you want to park. Simple. I even have the number programmed in my phone so I ask Siri to make the call. There is a 30 cents service charge, though.

I know C-U has tried some different strategies for parking payment, but I think this is the superior model currently in action around. Do you like this idea? Have you tried it? How would you prefer to pay for parking?


The Urbana Sweetcorn Festival and CU Folk and Roots Present

That's right, folks — the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival has added a third stage to the lineup of entertainment. Tucked into Race Street between Elm and Main Streets, the CU Folk & Roots Stage will feature some of the finest folk music around.

Be sure to check out the Sweetcorn Festival Facebook page or visit urbanasweetcornfestival.com to see all the exciting entertainment lineups.


St. Jude Runners send off

The St. Jude runners from Champaign just took off running towards Peoria from downtown. Before leaving, they borrowed a microphone from a Friday Night Live band and rallied. They talked about the kids who have cancer that they are running for; they talked about how hard the run would be but how much fun they would have; one of them was a St. Jude patient and he was running with his mom. By this time people's faces were running with tears and rightfully so. I was impressed by the Champaign runners. They are doing great work for the kids and for our community. More photos to come later next week. 


Drive like your kids live here sign

I found this sign while driving west on Columbia Street between Neil and Prospect and I love it. I don't think I am a speed demon by any means, but after seeing this sign, I definitely slowed down. I think promoting safety in this way encourages neighborhoods where kids can play outside on their own, something I definitely want for my kids. You can visit www.drivelikeyourkidslivehere.com and buy a sign for $10. 


Candy Foster at Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live is great. But what makes it better is hearing the blues from Candy Foster. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Candy walked across the street, away from the band and walked through the crowd on Neil street singing the blues. Good show Candy.