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Category: Photo

Old photo of Champaign’s City Building

This is a photo of the City of Champaign building, taken from the west side of the building looking east down University Avenue. I've sort of outlined the approximately locations of Esquire and Seven Saints currently exist. Pretty interesting, no?


After improbable Illini win, Mayor Gerard gets the last laugh

Say what you will about the fact that Gerard hasn't raised one red cent for his campaign this quarter. Or make fun of him for his peculiar social moments during his tenure as Mayor, both on social media, and at the park that one day when that one dude picked a fight with him about jack shit.

The man knows how to wield his Qwerty Keyboard on the ol' Blackberry. And some times, the right people take notice and play along.

How's this? 

Or more than that, a full on endorsement from Dakich himself? Sure, why not:

Who wins the Mayoral race is anyone's guess I suppose, but you can't call the incumbent boring. And that's not bad. 

Credit to @Mickey_Schaefer on Twitter for the photo. 


Check out this dated Alma Mater photo

Check out this post card I picked up at an antique shop. Notice the little amount of trees surrounding the Alma Mater? Now-a-days there is a huge amount of foliage! It was not dated but If someone has some info on when this was taken I'd be interested to hear. 


Blind Pig to start bottling beer in 2015

From the horse's (Chris Knight) mouth: 

This is a very very good thing.

The new facility will be opening on the corner of Market and Washington in north Downtown Champaign. And with what we hear about other local gems opening in the same 'hood, this part of town is about to become what's "next." 


Go to bacaro right now and eat lunch

There's still an hour left to get a shepherd's pie from bacaro. Go there now. Taste this glorious monstrosity and wash it down with an Atomium Premier Grand Cru which, I'm told, is not available anywhere else downtown.


The JT Walker’s Horseshoe is the real deal

You've seen us write about JT Walker's in Mahomet — particularly their Sunday Supper that Jess and Pam attended. Today, my friend Tom Pauly and I went over and had a go at their lunch menu before checking things out across the street at their brewery component.

Well, I was very impressed with the JT Walker's Horseshoe, as I am a big fan of horseshoes in general. Simple food is the best food in many cases, and sourdough with a medium-rare burger patty, topped with fries and queso, was a beast to take down, but well worth it. I've had horseshoes that are sprawling and too much to handle — but this one was stacked in a particularly neat fashion, and was manageable. 

Mac & cheese as a side was a bit ambitious of me, but what the hell — who needs a New Year's Resolution to get in shape? I've had a damn good horseshoe at Big Grove, but others need to take notes:

Tom ordered the House Burger — horseradish white cheddar, bacon, beer-battered onion rings, and chipotle ranch, fully dressed. He devoured it, but luckily I snapped a picture before that happened.

Now, it is time to go take a nap and digest.