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Tuscola High School to host the “Chief” against the Redskins: UPDATED

In a disappointing display of insensitivity and racism, the publicly funded school district in Tuscola, IL, home of the "Warriors" has decided to invite the ghost of "Chief Illiniwek" to perform at halftime during next Friday's game against the Sullivan Redskins. 

They are also asking those in attendance to "Respect the Chief."

Here is the image: 

Drew Wilder of WCIA News posted it on his professional Facebook page which has been shared dozens of times as of mid-Saturday afternoon. 

Whether or not Tuscola actually goes through with their promise to display a minstrel show in a publicly funded building remains to be seen, but right now, that looks to be the case. 

UPDATE: Sunday, January 4th at 7:22 p.m.

Per a post on Tuscola CUSD #301's Facebook page, the event has been cancelled. (PS)

And on Twitter:

UPDATE: Monday, January 5th at 10:03 a.m.

Since I initially embedded the Facebook post by Tuscola CUSD #301's Facebook account, it has now been deleted. I replaced it with a screen shot of the post. Here's what they've added in response to comments on their social media page(s) (PS):


Illini basketball preview: Ohio State

Oof. That’s the best way to sum up Illinois’s loss to Michigan.

After leading by as many as 14 points in the second half, Illinois pissed it all away with poor perimeter defense, allowing Aubrey Dawkins to shoot the lights out from behind the arc and push the game to overtime. Nnanna Egwu fouled out early in the extra period and Illinois made only 2 field goals, losing the game 73-65.

This might just be a trend for the Illini now, and certainly a worrying one. This is the third time Illinois has at least had a chance to win against another decent team and blown it in the second half, the first being the Villanova game and the second the terrible collapse against Oregon. When I wrote my Big Ten preview I said Illinois needed to split the series with Michigan this year, and they’re still on track to do that, but after seeing how good they played in the first 30 minutes, losing that game seems worse.

Now Illinois heads to Columbus to face a very good Ohio State team. The question here will be who was more burned by conference season-opening losses: the Buckeyes or the Illini. Ohio State was shocked at home by Iowa, who never trailed after the opening minute. The loss was Thad Matta’s first ever in a home conference opener at OSU, and with his team falling in the rankings they might be eager to prove their worth.

But don’t let the loss fool you, the Buckeyes are a very good team. KenPom.com has them ranked as the 18th-best offensive team in the nation. After such a close game with Michigan, another loss will feel shitty, but I think that’s where Illinois is headed. It won’t help that the championship-bound football team will be on hand for Saturday’s game. Riding out this rough stretch won’t be fun for most Illini fans.

My prediction: OSU 80-Illinois 69

Game time is 2:30 on Saturday and it will be broadcast on ESPN2.


Students protesting Ferguson met with disappointingly varying responses

Last night, students took to the streets of campus and campustown protesting the Ferguson Grand Jury's decision last week not to indict Darren Wilson. Holding signs that said "Black lives matter" and chanting "Hands up! Don't shoot!," the large group of peaceful protesters recieved support from onlookers and their tweets and online comments, however other posts, particularly on social media app Yik Yak, show that ignorance still runs free on the internet.

Below are some of the tweets from last night under the hashtag #UIUC:

The Daily Illini cover story today provides interviews that clarify the organizers' and protesters' perspective.


Gender equality is coming to Christmas

If you're taking your little one out to Market Place Mall this season, he or she will not only have the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap, but now will be able to sit with Mrs. Claus for a Christmas story. I wonder if she gets paid 78 cents compared to his dollar just like the rest of the women in this country? She's still likely making better money than the elves. 


Urbana is the most bike friendly town in Illinois

Each year, the League of American Bicyclists ranks cities for their bike-friendliness depending on their infrastructure, bike education and other relevant factors. Today they released this year's rankings, revealing that Urbana has the highest ranking in Illinois with a "Gold" rank.

From Neutral Cycle's blog:

"Urbana has moved up from a Bronze award in 2010 to a Gold award this year, making it the highest-rated city in Illinois!  To get a feeling for how significant it is to be given a Gold rating, take a look at some of the other cities we share this rating with: San Francisco, Euguene, Seattle, Madison, etc.  And so no one in CU feels left out, I should mention that Champaign was given a Bronze rating, certainly nothing to scoff at."

Here's the scale on which cities are ranked: