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Look at this John Waters-inspired cake made by Sugar by Sarah

If you haven't seen or tried Sugar by Sarah's intricately painted and decorated baked goods yet, you're missing out. This weekend Sarah Heller (the Sarah in Sugar by Sarah) shared a couple of images from a John Waters-inspired cake she made, and they are incredible. Check out the details on that rat! 

Happy birthday and props to the birthday girl who decided she wanted this on her cake. And, of course, do check out some Sugar by Sarah treats at Strawberry Fields and at Urbana's Market at the Square this summer. 

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Truck vs. Theatre: The Station Theatre surpasses fundraising goal

Truck vs. Theatre: The saga has a somewhat positive ending.

After a truck ran off the road and into the Station Theatre on Broadway in Urbana, it caused a pretty significant amount of damage to the building. The Station has an always-running GoFundMe campaign, and they were able to raise the money to get the wall fixed.

I drove by there yesterday and snapped this photo, a piece of plywood covers up the damage, and hopefully soon they'll be able to patch it up.

Here's their post, and my photo below:


Avionics is working on a brunch menu, and check out this amazing menu item

First, it's awesome that Flying Machine Avionics will be throwing their hat into the brunch ring soon, Also, check out this marvelous looking concotion will be on the menu...avocado, red onion, grapefruit, wheat berries...there's a whole lot of wonderful things going on here. 


Menu testing for our eventual Sunday brunch. Stay tuned. This by the way is a winner.

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Salad Meister offers delivery, and apparently we didn’t know that

Who wants to deal with the work of making a delicious salad when Salad Meister can do it for you, and deliver to your house? They've officially put out the call for delivery drivers, meaning soon you can have creations such as their Monthly Munch, the Niçoise Salad picture above is the February offering, or any other type of salad you'd like to put together, delivered to your doorstep. **Actually they are already doing this, which we would have known had we explored their website further. Luckily, we have awesome readers who are in the know, and can help us right our wrongs. So now there's no excuse, get yourself a salad 


Urbana Middle School Boys Basketball play for the State Championship tonight

Evidently, the last time this happened, UMS was UJHS (for those that remember) and the year was 1972, and our Republican president was stealing information from the DNC, but also preserving national parks and investing tax dollars into the National Endowment for the Arts. Things are different in 2018. 

Details on the flyer below — let's cheer these ballers on! 

Photo courtesy of Kevin Helmick / Twitter 


A few old photos of the Thunderbird Theatre, that’s all

If you're unfamiliar with what the Thunderbird Theatre was, it exists where the Canopy Club now lives and has lived since 1998. Read that link to learn more about the history, dating back to Ray Timpone owning and opening the joint in 1966.

Seeing as how I have only been around Champaign-Urbana for the past decade, seeing throwbacks like this amuse me a great deal. So, for now, this is the one I'm talking about, straight from Champaign Urbana History.


Columbia Street Roastery has a new batch of seasonal flavors

I know there are all sorts of wonderful single-origin and special blends going on at Columbia Street, but I am sucker for their multitude of flavored coffees. I have a few old stand-bys (mmm...Bourbon Pecan Torte) but when the seasons change I'm all in for whatever seasonal specialties they have. Here's what you can find this Valentine's season. The Cupid's Caramel Crunch lasted less than a week in my house.


You must get Kohinoor’s thali for lunch

Have you been to Kohinoor for lunch recently? I usually go for dinner, but I met a friend for lunch not too long ago, and on her suggestion, ordered the thali. Thali is a selection of items served on one large platter. 

Kohinoor has four options: vegetarian ($9), special vegetarian ($10), non-vegetarian ($10), and special non-vegetarian ($11). You get a ton of food for the price, and if you're a "light" eater, you could share a platter with another person. I am not a light eater, and I ate it all by myself, though I was uncomfortably full after. (We reap what we sow, eh?)

Pictured is the special vegetarian thali. It was delicious. I think about it regularly, and am going to start incorporating it into my regular eating schedule. 

6 E Columbia St
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday; noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday