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You must get Kohinoor’s thali for lunch

Have you been to Kohinoor for lunch recently? I usually go for dinner, but I met a friend for lunch not too long ago, and on her suggestion, ordered the thali. Thali is a selection of items served on one large platter. 

Kohinoor has four options: vegetarian ($9), special vegetarian ($10), non-vegetarian ($10), and special non-vegetarian ($11). You get a ton of food for the price, and if you're a "light" eater, you could share a platter with another person. I am not a light eater, and I ate it all by myself, though I was uncomfortably full after. (We reap what we sow, eh?)

Pictured is the special vegetarian thali. It was delicious. I think about it regularly, and am going to start incorporating it into my regular eating schedule. 

6 E Columbia St
Lunch: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday; noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday


Fleurish offering free parking for Valentine pick ups

February 13th and 14th, the meters outside Fleurish on Taylor Street will be bagged, meaning free parking while you dash in to pick up those flowers you ordered for your person (or while you frantically grab something at the last minute 'cause you forgot). I mean, there's even a handpainted traffic cone to make it all official.

Plus check out some of the unique stuff they have to offer, if you're looking for something beyond a dozen roses, though I'm sure they can hook you up with that too.


New round of MTD ART unveiled

40 North has announced the next round of winning artwork to be featured on MTD buses for the next three months: 

Top left: Melissa Mitchell, Improved [But Not New] (digital photograph); top right: Sara Jahn, Seckel Pears (oil on panel); bottom left: Lara Orr, Earth Scape (blockprint fabric, water based textile ink); bottom right: Erica Stark, Phases (woodcut print).

The artwork will be displayed on all MTD buses and in the Illinois Terminal until April 30th. MTD ART is a collaboration between 40 North, C-U MTD, and Dixon Graphics.


Watson’s celebrating two year anniversary this weekend

It's been two years since Watson's Shack & Rail appeared on the downtown scene to grace us with their delicious fried chicken presence. In honor of the occasion, you can enjoy $2 off all sandwiches and slushies all day Saturday, February 3rd. I am a fan of the Kentucky Bourbon slushie in particular, and seriously...look at that sandwich. If you're out late, there will be live music after 11p.m. Stay tuned to the Facebook event page for more details. Oh, and be sure to check out our most recent review of their Restaurant Week offerings.


Peanut butter on a cheeseburger: discuss

Newly opened Broadway Food Hall is doing this thing called Friday Night Burger Royale during Urbana's First Fridays. That is, it is a battle royale, but instead of a massive fight to the death, you just decide which burger you like more.

January's winner, the nacho cheeseburger, will be up against February's contender: the peanut butter cheeseburger. 

Some questions: 

  • Is it just peanut butter? If so, what brand?
  • Is it a peanut sauce, like a satay?
  • What kind of cheese?
  • What else is on this burger?

You can get this peanut butter cheeseburger at Broadway Food Hall from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, February 2nd. Broadway Food Hall is located at 401 N Broadway, Urbana. 

Photo from Facebook. 


Oh my goodness, look at these cute photos

Last weekend, the Champaign Public Library hosted an event called Teddy Bear Hospital, inviting children to bring their injured or sick stuffed animals to the library for a free health clinic. The U of I Veterinary Student Outreach Program was on hand to facilitate. 

When I posted about the event last weekend, I thought it was a cool and cute opportunity to teach kids about science, and health, and animals. CPL posted some photos of the event, and they are just too damn cute. Spoliers: the kids are wearing scrubs! And masks! And gloves! And oversized shoe coverings! 

I am now full of hope and happiness, at least in this moment. 

Check them out below. 

Top photo from Facebook.