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Waiting in line at Ebertfest, Saturday edition

Here's Eric Isaacson, who says he is Roger Ebert's 1,811th best friend.

Eric was an active member of the Compuserve showbiz forum in the 1990s, which Roger was a part of. He met Roger in person at the Conference of World Affairs in Boulder,and eventually Roger invited him to be part of a panel there. Eric's claim to fame is that he lived off the proceeds of his shareware tool "Zipkey" for many years. He also wrote the Wikipedia entry on the Conference of World Affairs. Everyone in line at Ebertfest seems to have a good story.

Such as Rae Spooner of Urbana, who used to babysit Nina Paley as a child.  She was wearing a shirt that Nina designed back when she was just a precocious child artist (Nina, not Rae).  Rae may have also been a precocious child artist, but she didn't say one way or another.



What really happens in Ebertfest lines

Local resident and festival pass holder Tom Lewicki is caught reconciling creationism with evolution in a discussion with new friends Lynda Maxwell and Judy Soller, who are both here from Columbus, Ohio for Ebertfest. Also discussed were atonement theory and the best place to get coffee downtown.


Ebertfest begins


Here's the line at 5:50 p.m., down Randolph St.


These folks, Ellie and Charlie Tewksbury, arrived at 3:10 p.m. to claim their rightful seats, 4th row back from stage left.


Unfortunately, they were second in line, since Roch and Laurie Ducey arrived at 3:00 p.m.:

Luckily, there were no fights, since the Duceys like an aisle seat toward the back on the right side.

Astoundingly, Laurie has attended every single movie at every single Ebertfest. So, she is tied for the record, at least.  Are there any others who want to step forward and challenge Laurie for the crown?


New Ruins adds a new band member ... err ... sort of

The new addition is literally made of twisted steel and sex appeal. Welcome Van Morrison, a '91 Ford Econoline with a straight 6 motor, 106,000 miles and a whole lotta love. Caleb Means and Roy Ewing picked up this beautiful piece of work this weekend, and it promises to provide plenty of road tripping adventures. The van is more than it seems from its creamy exterior and endearing SCUBA stickers — the guys of New Ruins found the perfect compliment to their music and lifestyles. Here here, sweet thing.