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Irving Azoff was a punk when he attended U of I, too

For those of you following the current Ticketmaster and LiveNation merger, you should know that former local music promoter gone HUGE time, Irving Azoff, is in the center of it all. 

In this photo, my father, Vern Fein (in the foreground with his hands raised to his mouth), is listening to Azoff and his partner Bob Nutt discuss the idea of a partnership with Students for a Democratic Society. Their agency, Blytham Ltd. would be booking bands at rallies henceforth. Interesting, indeed. 

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Cole at Hollywood Hangover)


Mazes gets off on the right foot (now with video)

"I Have Laid In the Darkness of Doubt"

Mazes played at the Canopy Club last night. It was a late show, but a good one. Mazes went on shortly after midnight, followed by Elsinore and Post Historic. See the video above to get a feel for their work. They played a really tight set for their first-ever show, and the turnout and crowd enthusiasm was excellent.

Here's our show preview from Thursday, including an interview with Mazes' Edward Anderson and Caroline Donovan.


Red Herring hosts open mic night

Whether you're shopping for some new wall decor, seeing if you can rap in front of something other than a mirror, or just sitting back and watching the stage, Red Herring's open mic night brings artists, musicians, and aspiring performers together to display their skills in a laid-back, friendly environment. Check it out every Sunday from 7:30 to 10 p.m., and visit to see more photos from the night.