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Our take on Congressman Davis’ visit to Urbana Head Start

We had a chance to meet up with Congressman Rodney Davis at a recent visit to the Head Start facility in Urbana and ask him a few questions:

As you can see from the video, the connection we drew between Rep. Davis' visit to a facility that benefits low-income families/children and his voting record in opposition to those families/children is a connection Congressman Davis didn't appreciate us making, but it's one we felt was more than fair. 

Make no mistake, the same families that benefit from Head Start would have been absolutely decimated by the almost 900 billion in Medicaid cuts Davis voted for several months ago, a vote he defends to this day. We also tried to get Rep. Davis to square his supposed support for these families and children with his support for the current GOP tax plan, as that plan would overwhelmingly benefit the top 1% while providing meager and (despite Davis' insinuation) far from universal tax cuts to low and middle-income families. 

We feel that these are far from separate debates, though Rep. Davis clearly wishes they were. We get it. It's easy to show up, read some books to kids, snap a few photos, and pretend you're making a difference. What's harder is going back to Washington and voting against the moneyed interests that overwhelmingly fund Davis' campaigns, and seem to be the only people he cares to interact with. These wealthy donors and special interests would have been the overwhelming benefactors of the AHCA, and stand to make out like bandits if the GOP tax plan goes through. 

This is the sort of cynical behavior that turns people off from politics, and it's easy to see why. It takes someone with a tremendous amount of courage, or a tremendous lack of shame to sit down and read books to children from low-income families, then jet back to Washington and vote to gut their healthcare and give a handout to the top 1% at their expense. The parents, teachers, and families of Head Start deserve far better, and we're committed to making sure that the people who claim to represent them are held accountable for their actions.



Rodney Davis loves Creed’s “Higher” and I am so happy about it

How can this get any better? Representative Rodney Davis — IL 13's representative that we've been following very closely over the course of the last year or so — has some interesting taste in music. Boswell found out as much back in January.

This video from a few years ago has resurfaced: 2014's 13th Congressional District Debate on WILL.

Ann Callis answers with Katy Perry's "Roar" as her response to Jennifer Roscoe's question:

And Davis gloriously responds with:

I shit you not, that was his answer. Almost too good to be true.

Major h/t to Boswell Hutson and Kyle Patterson for bringing this to our attention.

Here's the video footage (go to the 57 minute mark, because your time is valuable):


Someone made this amazing American Football mash-up video with School of Rock

As per the Americ anFootballposting group on Facebook, you should go watch this video posted by Tyler DeVore — it mashes together a classic scene from School of Rock with American Football's "Never Meant". I'd embed it here, but it doesn't seem to allow it.

Here's another thing the internet did that was American Football themed.

Read our article about the band from back in December here.

Top photo from the video.


Check out this video on the history of the Altgeld Chimes

When U of I began it's renovations of the Altgeld tower earlier this year, it's daily chime concerts were put on hold. This long time tradition is still missed, especially as students and faculty are making their way back to campus this week. 

Video producer, Anne Lukeman of U of I, created this 10 minute video that gives a tour and history lesson on the Altgeld Tower and it's chimes. In the video, Sue Wood, a retired chimes player of 45 years, is interviewed. The video is also accompanied by the music and songs of Altgeld. 

The chimes players are expected to be performing concerts, sometime next year. 

To experience the video and read more about the making of the video, check it out here, and on Youtube


Last Wednesday must have been a really slow news day at WCIA

As someone who tries to write about breaking news in Champaign-Urbana, a lot of times I'm left twiddling my thumbs until the U of I fires someone or another development is announced. There isn't that much breaking news here, for better or worse.

This Sunday, however, WCIA-3 ran perhaps the most important news segment of the year (dare I say, of the past decade), about a person from Arcola whose license plate application was denied because it read "Go Purp," which apparently is enough of a drug reference to be banned by the State of Illinois. The woman is an avid Arcola Purple Riders fan.

There are multiple layers of hilarity here, of course, the most important being that WCIA dedicated more than three-and-a-half minutes to a segment about a license plate denial.

Some other things of note to come out of the riveting story are:

1 - Amazingly, most people don't know what the word "purp" means in a modern context.

2 - To support their story, WCIA ran an entire interview devoted to a couple who love the color purple simply because they like the color purple (you know, for relevance)

3 - This screen cap:

Gotta love it. Go Purp, indeed. Never change, WCIA. Stream the full segment below:


Watch Nic from Protagonist Pizza sketch Roger Ebert in one minute

Nic Morse has done some work with us through his video production team, Protagonist Pizza Productions, alongside his crew this year.

Him and I were getting coffee last week and he mentioned these sketches that he does. Cool enough, right? Well, I didn't really know it would be this awesome — a sketch that is localized to an icon in the media industry — Roger Ebert.

Here it be:


U of I alum Sean Evans, host of Hot Ones, appears on Colbert

Sean Evans is the host of the YouTube show Hot Ones, where he interviews famous people while they eat very spicy hot wings. Interestingly enough, Evans is an alum of the University of Illinois' Journalism program, and he was featured last night on Stephen Colbert's show.

Check out the video as well as the tweet from the U of I:


Stewart Arp releases Lost at Sea along with music video

Stewart Arp is a fairly new name in the C-U music scene, having recently graduated from UIUC this past spring. He's still sticking around the area playing at Friday Night Live and anywhere that will have him. He has most recently worked with John Isberg of Swede Films to release a music video for the title track, "Lost at Sea," from his newest album. The two ventured to South Haven, Michigan to shoot the video, giving it a very romantic, sunset on the beach feel, perfect for a song like "Lost at Sea."

Arp has been working on the album over the last year, flying back and forth to Austin, Texas to work with the CEO of Invengo Productions, Joshua Rumer. Lost at Sea, the full album, can be found in a variety of places including SPOTIFYAPPLE MUSIC, ITUNES, and AMAZON.