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Give your opinion on proposed traffic changes for Crystal Lake Park

The Urbana Park District is looking to improve traffic flow for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians in Crystal Lake Park, and they are inviting the public to give their input during an open house on November 28th. From the press release:

The Urbana Park District wants to make the roads and walkways around Crystal Lake Park “The path more travelled.” To do so, Park District planners are studying a way to make the road through the park one-way for cars.

“If we make the roads one-way, it will be safer for not only cars, but for pedestrians and bikes,” said Derek Liebert, Superintendent of Planning and Operations. “The plan is to make a loop path system through the park for better connectivity, safety and enjoyment.”

And, the Park District wants to hear from the public. “We are hosting an open house on November 28, at the Lake House at Crystal Lake Park,” Liebert explained. “People are free to drop in at any time and see the plans, ask questions and give feedback to planners.”

The open house on November 28, runs from 4 – 6 p.m.

“These plans are to help more people enjoy our beautiful park and we really value public input,” Liebert added.

The proposed one-way loop path system is one part of a long-term park improvement plan. People can find out more about the Crystal Lake Park plans at

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Lodgic is hosting an improv workshop next week

But, it's not what it sounds like. The Improve your Business...with Improv workshop, is designed to improve your abilities as a public speaker in whatever field you're in. Here's the description from the Facebook event:

Whether you are a salesperson, educator, account rep, or executive.... in fact, anytime you are speaking in front of people, you are performing! Professionally-trained thespian and business development consultant Jenette Jurczyk will share techniques she uses to prepare for the stage that you can apply to any presentation or performance setting. Jenette will facilitate a fun, interactive improv-based workshop just for the members and friends of Lodgic. Dress comfortably and get ready to learn new ways to use your voice and body to present your best self, whether speaking to an audience of one or one thousand.

The event is happening Wednesday, November 28th from 5 to 7 p.m., it's free, and it's open to the community.

Lodgic Everyday Community is located at 1807 S. Neil Street in Champaign.

Photo by Patrick Singer


Illinois Football suffers worst loss in school history, losing 63-0 to Iowa

Illinois Football has just suffered the worst loss in school history, losing 63-0 to Iowa at home this evening. I was watching a bit of the game when I saw this tweet roughly 30 minutes ago:

Then, the score went final:

Top photo by Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports


Stronger Together: Art, Music & Dance at the IMC Saturday

The Independent Media Center knows that "stronger together" applies to the arts as well. Tomorrow, Saturday, November 17th, a new exhibition by Skylar Chism will open to the sounds of Kamau Grantham and Terrance Stevenson spinning house music for another night of Dance Music Therapy. DMT provides a safe and inclusive space for anyone who loves to dance.  

So jump on this chance to feed all of your senses, get your groove on, and enjoy being part of a welcoming, creative community space. 

Art Exhibition by Skylar Chism and Dance Music Therapy
Independent Media Center
202 S. Broadway Avenue, Urbana
November 17, Art exhibition: 6 to 8 p.m., Dance Music Therapy: 7 p.m. to late


Over 100 local teachers are about to receive grants from CU Schools Foundation

Here's a Friday feel-good announcement for you. The CU Schools Foundation calls it the "Prize Patrol" (nice little nod to those Publisher's Clearing House commercials). They will be delivering souvenir checks today to 108 teachers to fund 84 projects in Unit 4 and District 116, and that grant money will affect over 10,000 students in those districts. Here are a few of those projects, per the press release:

A creative collaborative effort will bring teachers and students together across the Champaign and Urbana districts. “Sensory Opportunities for all” will provide all K-5 classrooms at Stratton Elementary (Champaign) and Yankee Ridge Elementary (Urbana) with a variety of sensory materials to help students in both general and special education classes learn how to self-regulate sensory stimuli, reduce negative behaviors, and increase student attention and focus in the classroom. Partners from The Autism Program at the University of Illinois will train all teachers and staff in how to utilize these sensory materials in their classrooms. Stratton teacher Brittany Burzinski, and Nate Wahl from Yankee Ridge will be providing ongoing support for teachers in their respective schools.  “This partnership will give all students support and offers resources to teachers and families from all populations”, says Ms. Bruzinski.

Funds for other proposals will be used to discover STEAM through electronics and game design at Jefferson Middle School, and expose students at Dr. Williams Elementary to the practices of environmental stewardship through a school wide composting and recycling program.  At Westview Elementary, CUSF funds will support 3rd and 4th grade students developing their writing skills as they collaborate with the University of Illinois Theater Department in the Student Playwright Outreach Theater (SPOT). Students will write personal narratives to be given to the theater writing class at the U of I.  In the spring of 2019, Westview students will go to the Coldwell Playhouse at Krannert to see their stories come to life in a live theater experience.  Other projects include professional musical mentoring at Urbana high School, and dissecting materials for science classes at Franklin Middle School.  

You can find the rest of the projects here.

Photos from C-U Schools Foundations' Facebook


Have coffee with Mayor Marlin on November 30th

Want to meet the mayor? Chat about happenings in the City of Urbana? Have some casual conversation?

Urbana Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin will be at McDonald's on Philo Road on November 30th from 8 to 9 a.m. The public is invited to join her for a cup of coffee and conversation...and maybe an Egg McMuffin. That is a quality breakfast sandwich. 


Cunningham Township is collecting winter clothing items

Cunningham Township, which serves those in our community who are most in need, is hosting the Enoch Miller Sr. Community Winter Clothes Drive. The project is named after a longtime C-U resident who made it a personal mission to collect winter clothing and donate it to low income families. 

You know you have coats, gloves, scarves, hats, and more at home that you don't wear anymore, so why not give them to someone who needs them. I'm sure new items would be greatly appreciated as well. 

The township supervisor's office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed noon to 1 p.m). 


Take yourself on a date to Miga

Sometimes there is no greater pleasure than being alone in the company of others, and I often find an easy way to achieve that is to dine out by myself. Miga's bar is the ideal spot for this: It's stylish, the bartenders aren't annoying, and you don't have to look at anyone else if you don't want to. 

Right now Miga has a special gin and tonic cocktail with ginger and kumquat ($11). It's the perfect drink for solo dining because it's refreshing and interesting, but not so strong that you'll be too wasted to drive yourself home. 

My vegetarian meal of choice at Miga right now is the house salad ($8), and the Gim Bab "sushi" roll ($18): radish, spinach, seaweed salad, tofu, cucumber, avocado, red pepper, carrot topped with fried spinach. It's pretty tasty, and a fun way to eat some veggies. You'll feel virtuous because you've eaten a bunch of vegetables, and not too full that you regret everything. 

Grab a book or a tablet and take yourself on a date to Miga; it'll be worth it. 

Photos by Jessica Hammie


Donate food, drink coffee, get extra punches at Kopi

Here's another spot where you can bring Thanksgiving food donations over the next week. Bring in non-perishable food items to Café Kopi, and when you purchase your tasty beverage you can get double punches on your drink card.

The promotion lasts through Thanksgiving weekend. 

Today they have their Café Caramel on special for $3, which sounds quite heavenly on a day like today. 

Café Kopi
109 N Walnut
7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

Photo from Facebook


Hill Street parking deck will have free parking during the month of December

To encourage you to frequent Downtown Champaign businesses during the upcoming holiday season, the City of Champaign is once again offering free parking (for up to 2 hours) in the Hill Street parking deck from December 1-31. Here's what they have to say about it:

Visitors parking in the Hill Street Parking Deck will receive up to two (2) hours of free parking. Visitors parking longer than two hours will receive a 2-hour discount off their parking fee. Though the City encourages visitors to support Champaign’s local businesses, there is no need to provide any proof of purchase from a restaurant or business to receive this discount. As always, parking in the parking deck and at metered spaces is free on Saturdays and Sundays.

The City-owned Hill Street Parking Deck is located at the corner of Hill and Randolph Streets and has more than 300 visitor parking spaces, making it easy and convenient to visit Downtown Champaign during the holidays. More information about the Hill Street Parking Deck is available on the City’s website at