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Art gallery bike tour

Art Gallery Bike TourArt Gallery Bike Tour

June 5th 12th
10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Join in an urban bicycle tour of the galleries and unique shops in Champaign-Urbana. This is a leisurely ride for which you set your start time, 10 AM to Noon, ride at your pace, stop for lunch, and visit each gallery for as long as you desire.

Discover galleries that you may not know and see art of all kinds including glass, painting, fabric, and sculpture. You will also receive chances on a drawing for prizes donated by the participating Champaign galleries: Boneyard Pottery, GlassFX, Indi Go Artist Co-Op, & Larry Kanfer Gallery.

Participating local restaurants will offer discounts so you can enjoy lunch on your tour or a snack at the end. Participating restaurants are Aroma Cafe & Esquire Lounge.

Your entire $10 entry will be donated to 40 North | 88 West.

Prize drawing will take place at Indi Go @ 5:00 p.m.


Campers needed at Learn to Ride a Bike Camp!

"Lose the Training Wheels" camp in Danville is an annual event that helps kids, with or without disabilities, learn how to ride a bike. This year, the camp runs from June 7-11th, and although they have lots of community volunteers, they still need campers!

Believe me, if you have a kid that could benefit from a camp like this, you will NOT regret the drive over to Danville. This camp did wonders for my son's self-esteem, and you get really attached to all the other campers. I cried through a box of kleenex on the last day when a kid I thought would never ride finally pedaled solo across the arena.  And if I was crying in the stands, then think about the tears shed by those two volunteers that ran (and you HAVE to be in shape!!) alongside that kid for five days solid.

I know they have a very flexible scholarship program, for those who might not be sure there is money in the budget this month. Check out more at their website:


Sav-A-Lot Liquors dry for two weeks

The County Market/Sav-A-Lot liquor store at 220 N. Broadway went on the wagon today. For the next two weeks it will sell nothing but smokes, money orders and lottery tickets.

Sav-A-Lot failed to card underage customers on three occasions, leaving the winos of North Urbana in the lurch.


Events calendar iCal feed now operational

Want to keep all your local events at your fingertips? Then import Smile Politely's events calendar to your Mac or Google Calendar. Here's the link to our iCal feed (which is also below the RSS feed links on the right-hand side of the page):


If you've not imported an external calendar before, it's pretty easy to do. Here's how to import our calendar into your Google calendar:

  1. Copy the link above
  2. Open your Google calendar and click the "Add" drop-down menu under "Other Calendars."
  3. Select "Add by URL."
  4. Paste the above link into the box labeled "URL" that pops up, and click "Add Calendar."
  5. All the events from SP's events calendar should be imported into your calendar.

Let us know if you have any problems, either in the comments section below or by emailing


Bozak’s running tour diary of the Midwest: Part five

Since we last spoke:

- DJ'd at Mike N Molly's to a thin Wednesday night crowd. I thought the prospects of being able to hear music from Detroit all night long was good enough to bring a few more peeps out, but maybe I was wrong. Or maybe it was the fact that school just let out. Or that, hey, it's a Wednesday. Either way it was still fun for me and I got ended up getting hipped to "Moon Shadow" by Patti Labelle, which is a pretty weird/good song.

- Took the train the next morning to get up to Chicago. Was one of those trips where the engineer kept blasting the horn every 10 seconds. I hear this appeases the train gods and provides for safe passage.

- Got to Chicago and immediately my Celiac Disease (Gluten allergy) started to pop off. I was a wreck. Mustered enough energy to play at Lokal in Wicker Park. Dope little spot that reminded me of Boltini. I played with many CU Hiphop Congress luminaries from the past and everyone sounded really good. Lots of U of I grads now living in Chicago came out. I played stuff by Dorian Concept, Guilty Simpson, Spac Hand Luc, Orest, Harmonic 313, Aardvark, Flying Lotus, et al.

- Felt so bad health wise that I had to cancel the gig the next night. It happens. I was never one to weasel out of a gig for any reason so when health issues pop up I almost feel like I have a great wealth of sick days accumulated and just stay in. At one point I realized I hadn't really eaten much so I ordered Lou Malnati's gluten free pizza. Its amazing, instead of dough they just pack ground sausage into the pan. It's literally the double-down of pizzas. it goes like this: a layer of pepperoni, cheese, sauce, a disc of sausage. My personal sized pizza was so good I ended up going back the next day and got a medium. This was a bad idea. Way too much meat. WAY TOO MUCH MEAT. See that "crust"? Yep, that's sausage.

- How about that 'Hawks game, eh?

Ok so now I am gearing up to head back home to play at the infamous Hit-It-Run party with Kosmo, Legtwo, and Wonderbread. If you havn't been to one of these you should go. It's always pretty wild when we do this at Cowboy Monkey. The wrinkle with this one is that we will have three full setups of DJ equipment. Curious to see how that turns out. The music will be old school classics and one hit wonders of every genre. Lots of guilty pleasures!

see you there!

(Editors Note: Due to the holiday weekend, we didn't get this up until after the Hit-It-Run party. Apologies all around for those who are only hearing about the show here.)


IlliniPundit returns as ChampaignPundit

After five weeks or so of hibernation, local political blog has returned with a new moniker: As you may recall, new Champaign councilperson Gordy Hulten relinquished control of the site as part of the conditions of his appointment to the council posted the following when taking the site offline in late April, "The time constraints of serving as a Council member (and running for election!) while balancing everything else in my life led to me to pledge during the application process that I would set aside"

So far, there's just an explanatory post from Hulten and a couple of blurbs from Champaign County Clerk Mark Shelden. More to come, one would assume.


Stories & Beer goes on hiatus

This last Tuesday marked our final Stories & Beer of the spring season — and what a season its been. Big thanks go out to everyone who has been supporting us all this time (that is, those of you who showed up, drank beer and listened to stories). Your presence made this little experiment a wonderful success and has inspired us to continue on with our efforts in the fall. 

So, we'll see you then! But in the meantime, feel free to peruse our previous readings.

Stories & Beer #1

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Stories & Beer #4

And keep an eye out for our fifth and final recap, forthcoming in next week's rotation.

— —

Big thanks go out to the Urbana Arts Grants Program who helped us bring in our visiting readers, entertain our crowds and generally lend validity to our sometimes spazzy efforts to combine alcohol with literature.





And another special thanks to Aaron Burch of HOBART: another literary journal for being a bad ass and hosting this little shindig. Its been a blast!