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Support Eater Junior High of Rantoul’s food drive

From December 8-20, 2010, the students of Eater Junior High will be collecting non-perishable food for the Community Service Center of Northern Champaign County. By doing this in their classrooms, Eater Junior High students hope to collect a variety of canned foods, dry foods, packaged foods, ready mix meals and paper products for the Center.

This drive is sponsored in part by the Eater Junior High Student Council. Donations will also be taken before the Holiday Dance. The goal for this drive is to collect 1,200 pounds of non-perishable food to assist the Community Service Center in their efforts for the holiday season. During this competition, the students will not only assist their community in which they live, but the grade level that donates the largest number of items will win a movie or dance for their entire grade level. Also, the advisory in each grade level that donates the most items will also win a prize.

This is the fourth year that Eater students have done a food drive for the Community Service Center. Each year, students have donated over 1,000 pounds of food. Our record was 4,000 pounds donated in 2008.


Pegasus and Cake: Book release party

Time: Saturday, Dec. 11, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Lewis Auditorium @ The Urbana Free Library

From there event page:

Come celebrate the release of Newbery Award-winning author Robin McKinley's latest novel, Pegasus, at a dessert party for McKinley fans from east central Illinois! In addition to delicious cake and baked goods, a trivia contest, and great conversation, we will also be raffling off posters and a copy of Pegasus. All attendees will be entered in a nationwide raffle to win an autographed copy of the book!

Click here (pdf) for more information about the event.



Central High School site selection meeting tonight

Do you have an opinion about the future site of Champaign Central High School? Then attend a community meeting at the Savoy Recreation Center at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7th (tonight!!). This meeting is organized by the Champaign Unit 4 School Board. The Savoy Recreation Center is at 402 Graham Dr. in Savoy. From Champaign, take Neil St. south of Curtis Rd, then turn right (west) on Graham Dr (at Quiznos Subs).


Elsinore drummer injured by drunk driver in MO

Some frightening news from Elsinore's Facebook page about drummer Dave Pride:

Hey everyone...While we were getting ready to leave Columbia on Saturday night a drunk driver hit Dave as he was about to get into the drivers seat. His right shoulder blade was fractured, but he is doing okay as you can see in the picture. We'll keep you updated on our December shows. Please send all your love and good wishes to him.
Love, Elsinore

Obviously, everyone here at SP wishes Dave a speedy recovery and is very happy that it wasn't worse. We look forward to seeing Mr. Pride behind the drum kit as soon as he's feeling up to it.


Stories & Beer lineup for this Sunday

Stories & Beer | Iron Post | Sunday, December 5 | 4 p.m. | Free

I know you must be thinking that we just had one of these things, but as the end of the semester nears, we decided to throw one more together, you know, just for good measure.  So this Sunday, eschew football for a few hours and stop on by the Iron Post to drink some beer while watching a mostly* talented group of local and visiting writers tell their tales.

Behold, this Sunday's lineup:

UIUC MFAers Max Somers, Mike Don and Lindsey Drager and I will serve as the local readers.  Note, this is Mike's first time reading in public, so don't be surprised if he pukes or has a grand mal seizure or something.

After that, we're lucky enough to have two featured readers this time around

Editor of Pank, Roxane Gay.  You can, and should, read her bio here.

From Artiface Magazine's website: James Tadd Adcox  grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. One of his earliest memories is walking with his mother to an ATM near a local grocery store when he was three years old. He recalls his mother pressing some buttons on the machine, then sliding open the plastic cover of what James Tadd Adcox now realizes would be the slot for deposits. Inside was an ice cream cone, which James Tadd Adcox’s mother removed and gave to her son. Of course, James Tadd Adcox now realizes that this could not have actually happened, and must have been a dream, or a reconstruction of something his three-year-old mind could not make sense of at the time. Nonetheless, to this day the event persists in his mind as a memory, and, whenever he thinks of it—for example, whenever he withdraws money from an ATM—there is a moment between the memory and his rational assessment of the memory, when the event described above seems perfectly natural.


*I'm reading from my little sister's diary this time around, so I don't count.


New art blog in town: See You Pschydelic Freedom Friends

"See You" Psychedelic Freedom Friends blog wants you to check us out! Daily updates on daily themes of music, art, exotica, short stories/, photos, etc... Details are on the page, but Wednesdays are local music feature days and, although Thursdays are an open bag, we'd like to keep it local as possible. Submission information is available on the page.

This week, the first week, local music Wednesday was, of course, one of the blog's creators band, and two tracks feature former Smile Politely writer Tommy Griscom on percussion. Check us out and hope you enjoy, and although the term "SPlog," for me, conjures up images of "logs" "splashing," ahem, thanks to this website for helping us spread the word!

Here We Are!



Illinois Senate approves Civil Unions!

From the Chicago Tribune:

SPRINGFIELD --- Civil unions for same-sex couples would be allowed in Illinois under historic legislation the state Senate swiftly sent today to Gov. Pat Quinn, who is expected to sign the measure.

The bill would give gay couples the chance to enjoy several of the same rights as married couples, ranging from legal rights on probate matters to visiting a partner in a hospital that won't allow anyone but relatives into a patient's room.

The Senate voted 32-24 after the House, viewed as the toughest hurdle, passed the measure on Tuesday. (The Senate roll call can be found here.)

Read it all here.



SP events calendar to be discontinued at end of year

Please note that the Smile Politely community events calendar will cease to exist on December 31, 2010. Thanks to everyone who submitted events, as well as those who read the calendar.

We gave it a shot, but ultimately our content management system isn't cut out to allow for a good-looking, functional events calendar, and we don't have the resources or obsessive drive to populate and edit it well enough so that it's relevant. As much as it pains me to say this, there are several other online calendars in C-U which are much better than ours, and SP operates better in underserved areas.

So, we'll continue to focus our efforts on highlighting the best in local music, speakers, and LGBT events, and leave the big picture to the big guys. Thanks for your continued support of SP.