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Microfinance for dummies

Microfinance aims to assist underprivileged, third-world citizens in building profitable businesses through a series of lending and investments. UI Professor Arends–Kuenning, from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Economics, speaks on the topic tonight, Feb. 24, from 7 to 8 p.m. in 319 Gregory Hall. For more info ...


Whitey debuts March 5

How's this for a teaser to the upcoming Station Theatre production of Whitey?

Old basements are always dark and creepy places. The one at Bobby Lee Charles’ rural Kentucky home gets even darker and more disquieting when two tenants move in downstairs.

That's how the press release begins. Other choice nuggets from the presser, taken out of context to peak your interest:

... bone-chewing, meth-shooting, baby-screaming nightmare ...

... some of the things in this play will be very difficult to watch ...

... for people who like their comedy dark, it is as black as oil ...

Whitey is written by Mark Roberts (who grew up in Urbana and is now the lead writer for the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men), directed by Rick Orr, and starring local vets Mike Trippiedi, David Barkley, and Lindsey Markel. Opens March 5. Check back that week for our review.


Headline of Daily Illini up for debate

"Police clear out event."

That's on the cover of the print edition of today's Daily Illini.

And while it's certainly not the DI's responsibility to force its opinion into the news story, I am left scratching my head and asking, "Why was this 1,200 person party cleared out and every football tailgate, or Joe's bar brawl ignored?"

Oh, right. Read what sort of party was cleared out.

I suppose it's just my take, but I am not sure why the whole party had to be cleared as the result of a fight that happened outside. Seems, um, interesting.


Introducing the Champaign-Urbana Open Access Coalition

The Champaign-Urbana Open Access Coalition is a group of community organizations and individuals who are exploring the possibilities of open access to broadband and digital inclusion within Champaign-Urbana, focusing on the north end of C-U and surrounding rural communities. They aim to ensure that all of C-U is served by the recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of '09, which included $4.7 billion to fund broadband deployment in underserved areas. Check 'em out.


Blog Watch: The Daily Kvetch

There is a new blog up at that seems promising: The Daily Kvetch. Oh sure, it's only posted twice in two weeks (thereby disqualifying it from living up to its name in a literal sense), but the topics so far have been genuine and engaging. Last Friday's post on the panel discussion between CRU and LGBT was important and timely, what with Sean Penn winning for Milk last night.

We want more. After all, what's not to love about a liberal Jewish LGBT blogger?