One way to get to know the artists in your community is by going to their talks. Personally, for me, artist talks are always a gamble. Some artists are awful at describing their process and will sing perfect lullabies causing my body to sink into the iconic hard plastic stacking chair I am seated in (occasionally gallery floor). However, if you’re lucky, you might witness the artist breathe magic into work which you felt incapable of accessing. Sometimes the talk itself is the work. Interested? This week the Giertz Gallery is featuring three C-U area artist talks: Rosalyn Schwartz, Robb Springfield, and Bonnie Switzer. Tuesday, July 10th, at noon, these artists will discuss their practice. The talks are in conjunction with the Illinois 200 show currently on exhibit at the gallery — get there early and check out work from Illinois artists throughout the state. 

Photo from Giertz Gallery Facebook page