Originally posted on the UC-IMC site.

On Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice delivered an online petition with 377 signatures to State’s Attorney Julia Rietz asking her to drop the charges on Jeshaun Manning-Carter, the 15 year old who was with Kiwane Carrington when he was killed by Champaign police. A hard copy of the petition with another 60 signatures was also presented. Jeshaun is being prosecuted on felony charges of resisting arrest.

A juvenile hearing was held at 2 p.m. with about 15-20 supporters showing up at the Champaign County Courthouse, although they were not permitted in the courtroom as is routine in juvenile cases. State’s Attorney Rietz appeared in court and local African American attorney Alfred Ivy represented the defendant. Attorney Ivy asked Judge Heidi Ladd for a continuance, saying that he and the State’s Attorney were working toward a resolution. Rietz had no objection, stating that according to Principal Richard Kelly of the READY Program where Jeshaun goes to school, he was attending class and doing well. Yet despite this good record, Rietz was still unwilling to drop the charges.

A continuance was granted and the next hearing will be held February 17 at 2:45 in Courtroom C.  

You can sign the petition and read the many heartfelt comments left by others here:


After the hearing, I attempted to ask Rietz if she had a response to the people who had signed the petition and she simply stated, “No.” When I asked why she would not respond she said, “I don’t trust you Brian.”

While Rietz would not talk to me, she invited press members from WCIA and WDWS into her office. A reporter with the television station WCIA told me that Rietz had seen the petition and read it.