Let's clear the air here, shall we? This article that Merry published with us earlier this week was not a BEST list of Old Fashioneds in Champaign-Urbana. Four drinks is not comprehensive, and the wording we put out there might've been a bit confusing. But the "search" for the best is something we're always after, right? Right?

I mean, who doesn't want the best? I want the best, typically.

But I digress.

This discussion has us seriously wondering — where IS the best Old Fashioned in Champaign-Urbana served? This is one I had yesterday, served to me by the one and only Matthew "Fu" Kucera at Bentley's Pub. Damn good. Lots of ice, so a little different than an Old Fashioned I've consumed before, but good nonetheless.

Is it Miga? bacaro? Big Grove? Bentley's? Barrelhouse 34? Timpone's? Hamilton Walker's? Quality? Obviously I cannot name all the bars and restaurants in town — so maybe you can help.

I very much appreciate the discussion on our Facebook page: