Since we're all just waiting around now for America to be great again, and since we aren't working this week really, I thought I'd share this awesome undated photo of Arrowhead Lanes right when it was first built. Not sure of the year, but bowling was definitely a different sort of sport back then, that's for damn sure. 

Here's a more modern photo that I pulled from the internet, for reference: 

Of course, it sits just next to Western Bowl, giving the north end of Prospect Ave. almost enough bowling alleys to define it as a bowling district. Not unlike the "Hammock District" in Springfield — The Simpsons' Springfield — anyhow. Although they define it as four shops for a true district, I'd say three alleys would suffice.  

What a world it would be if we could get that third alley in there. The face of Champaign's economy would change forever. Perhaps Parker Bohn III would come to town to dedicate it even? 
Photo credit to Drew Holcomb Shreeves, via Champaign-Urbana History Page on Facebook