After announcing the date for the 2018 installment of Hogchute Harvest on the wall of a public bathroom, Hogchute has announced the lineup for their fall installment at the Kalyx Center in Monticello. Headlined by Adam Remnant and HUM's Matt Talbott, Hogchute Harvest takes place on Saturday, October 13th. Check out the rest of the lineup and info below. Talbott announced he'd be playing solo shows for the first time ever just last month, so this appears to be ahead of that tour.

From the Facebook event:

Proud to announce our return to the barn for an even grander edition of the Hogchute Opry Harvest!
Get yourself primed and ready for another night of camping, bonfires, probably some spiders, and general goodness against the background of great music. We're always proud of our lineup, but this here is one for the books. 10 acts for $10, featuring:
Adam Remnant
Matt Talbott
The Bashful Youngens
The Chickadee Sermon
Clayton Deering
Cole Bridges
Colonel James Presents
Our Landmark
Rebekah Songer
Stay tuned for more details and schedule!