Foellinger Hall was abuzz last night as it played host to the 29th annual Insect Fear Film Festival put on by Illinois' very own celebrity entomologist, May Berenbaum. This year's festival regaled its audience with tales of killer ants, and included several short films, as well as two atrociously terrible features:

  • Glass Trap, featuring a cadre of enormous ants, the bad guy from Karate Kid, some first generation CGI, a bunch of awkward attempts to polemicize the effects of second wave feminism on the corporate workplace, and some of the most scripted romantic interactions this side of a middle school vice-versa dance.
  • The Bone Snatcher, featuring an ant colony that comes together like Voltron to disrupt a Namibian mining operation. Very Po-Co. Obvi.

Here are a few photographs from C-U's premier family friendly bug-fest.

IFFF volunteer chillin' with a grasshopper

Gussie & Michael eyeballing a tub o' ants

Carpenter Ants!

I'm getting this little guy tatted on my neck

Berenbaum dishes the scoop on The Bone Snatcher


Special thanks to my dad, who has been taking me to this haven of nerd-dom since I was a kid.