Friday's player availability was pretty much like all of them. Guys waited for cameras to roll, and then answered boring questions.

Illini who'd already run the media gauntlet relaxed, taking turns shooting the ball from the B concourse.

Then it got interesting, with the Mike Davis rodomontade: "I'm better than Jared Sullinger."

Of course, most Illini fans knew this all along.

The real shocker from the shootaround is that CBS play-by-play man Gus Johnson is better than color analyst (and former NBA star) Greg Anthony.

I think it's the scarf.

Chicago Tribune's Chris Hine finished a distant third.

Gus was curious about Smile Politely's status as the local alternative news source. "You mean gay?" he asked.

"Well, there's that," I told him. "We have a lot of LGBT, and indie rock."

"... and sports," added Chris.

"That's cool," Gus concluded. "I live in Chelsea."