In what appears to be a stunt to disprove the ever-likely claim that he is a robot, Illinois' 13th District's own resident dingus-in-command, Rep. Rodney Davis, took to Twitter today to be very...interactive with some commenters.

First, it started with a pretty objectively not-funny joke:

Then, when confronted about his (again, objectively not funny) joke, he responded to some haters with a few zingers (I use that term sarcastically because these tweets are borderline nonsensical):

But here's the best part, and I'll get to why this is the best part below the pictures:

This is all good fun until you remember that Davis' comments seem to mirror the flippant and careless nature of our President-Elect, which is an extremely troubling trend to see from politicians in the United States, especially those that are about to rip healthcare out of the hands of more than 20 million Americans with no legitimate replacement in place.

What's even more bothersome, however, is Davis' insistence that his own constituents should stop engaging with him on Twitter instead of trying to have a dialogue.

The reason that that is so bothersome is because listening to the concerns of these very people is the only-fucking-reason this man's job even exists. He doesn't get to just brush us off. That's not how democracy works.

Rep. Davis is supposed to represent us, as citizens of Illinois' 13th District, and that means giving people a valid explanation when their services are being taken away, something the Rod-ster doesn't seem to be able to do.

Honestly, Rod, just give us an explanation of why you are doing this, instead of poorly trolling your constituents on Twitter. You work for us. It's the least you could do. 

Illinois' 13th is watching you, Rod.