Stories & Beer | The Iron Post | Saturday | 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. | Free

With the semester coming to an end, Team Stories & Beer has been reflecting on its performance thus far and while we're pretty sure we brought the ruckus early, we're not sure if we've brought it often enough. So with this in mind, we've decided to throw on last event before the students retreat to their respective suburbs, and the townies, to whatever it is we retreat to.

Here's our lineup of badasses this time around:

Roxane Gay is an Assistant Professor at EIU who co-edits PANK (which you should start reading RIGHT NOW if you've never done so before), and just dropped a ball of awesomeness on the world called AYITI. You'll be able to buy it on Saturday, and you should. For realz.

Chris Newgent has the strength of 100 men. He's the founder of VOUCHED Books and a resident of Indianapolis. Somewhere on the internet, there is footage of him arm wrestling some scary-ass townfolk in a seedy Kentucky bar, but I couldn't' find it, so here's this instead.

John Rubins lectures in the Creative Writing Department at U of I. He owns a very high Rate My Professors score, but more impressively, he has a functional understanding of carpenter's squares, a plumb lines, jigs, and other shit your grandfather had in his shed. You should be impressed by his manliness.  You should also read this.

Eric Tanyavutti is the starting point guard for an 0-2 Park Rec league. He is very quick and handles the ball exceedingly well. He's also an MFA student at U of I, if that kind of thing matters to you.

Josh Wild attended Purdue where he earned his MFA in poem writing. We don't hold any of this against him.

Amy Sayre Roberts attended the U of I where she earned her MFA in poem writing. We like her better than we do Josh because she didn't attend Purdue.