I'm not going to write all of the things that I could write here, which may include words like "idiotic" or "manipulative" or perhaps "ignorant" or even "fucking stupid".

Nope, I will just allow Deb Pressey to let Dr. David Hagan of Gibson City relay to us one of the most ridiculously head-in-the-sand comments I have read in some time:

From this article:

Consider whether you want your cab driver, or the person cooking your food in a restaurant, to be using medical marijuana, he says.

Yes, please do consider that, populace. Because, you know, most cab drivers and restaurant cooks haven't ever even heard of the stuff, let alone taken a sip or two of the reefer along the way.

This sort of back asswards thinking (and reporting) is the very reason why we've got "doctors" like Hagan. I'd rather my child see a Voodoo practitioner than this moron.

Nice reporting, N-G. Well done!