Saturday 1/16/10 - Cincinnati

We played at Rohs Street Café. It’s a great coffee shop with a huge stage that connects to a cathedral style church. From the clientele and the American Apparel across the street I could tell it was a “happening” place. Neon orange tights!?!? That's so hip!!!

But seriously, why is everyone in Cincinnati so fashionable? I felt like we were in a Coca Cola commercial that took place at an “indie rock show.” And I totally mean that in a positive way, I was neither pretty enough nor clean smelling enough to be there. But despite our sloppy appearance, the fine people of Cincinnati accepted us.

We were very excited because not only were there 100+ more people than we were expecting, many of them were more than happy to buy our CD (INSERT INFO ABOUT OUR CD RELEASE SHOW!!!).

One guy was surprised to find out we were from Champaign-Urbana because he thought we sounded like “if Broken Social Scene was from Tennessee.”I told him that analogy was much more appreciated than the Dave Matthews Band comparison we got the night before.

Everyone in Champaign-Urbana should love the band Enlou (who set this show up for us). I think they are more than ready and capable to “break out” or what have you. But yeah listen to them – reverb, dance beats, and vibraphone! They were also nice enough to let us stay at their place and their guitarist, Curt, drove Chris and I to Wendy’s at 2 in the morning.

Sunday 1/17/10 - Indianapolis

Indy show

The last day of our tour brings us to Indianapolis. The venue is called the Earth House Collective. It reminds me of a three floor Red Herring. The basement has a vegetarian restaurant, the ground floor serves coffee, and the top floor is a huge, beautiful room with a big stage. The room was full of seated audience members, but the big stage and tall ceilings made the place fill huge and empty.

It felt awkward performing but we got the most positive reaction of the tour, so I guess we sounded alright to the folks listening. We played with another fantastic group, Accordions. My favorite part of the set was when the group got off stage and played some songs in the audience. Melodica, trumpet, ukulele, autoharp, a singing saw, and the titular instrument blended perfectly with the group’s spot on vocal harmonies.

After the show, Accordions taught us how to “Elk Wrestle” (it’s basically like competitive yet gentle head-butting) and then we headed back to C-U. All in all, it was a great time. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 30th.