Whether the 80's were a time you actually lived through, or something you experienced secondhand through music, TV, and film, you know that they were "extra" before "extra" was even a thing. Big hair, bright colors, and, of course, the films of John Hughes. Leave it to 40 North to choose this decade as inspo for Untitled 2019, 40 North's only fundraiser of the year.  It was a big decade, and let's hope it inspires big support. Because support for the arts is like gloss for 80's girls. You can never have enough.

“The services 40 North provides to this community are so vital to our way of life, contributing to a lot of the arts & culture that we often take for granted throughout the year. Untitled is the one time we are able to support 40 North for all that they do to improve our quality of life, so we can sustain events like Friday Night Live, the Eric Show, Boneyard Arts Festival and so much more. Not to mention, it is quite simply the most fun fundraiser you’ll ever go to.” Terri Reifsteck, Board Treasurer and Event Chair.

So grab a gloss, get a ticket, and help guarantee that these programs that enhance our quality of life don't go anywhere.  

“Art is fundamental to our quality of life – from its impact on social issues to education to general vitality of the community – the arts are essential for a successful and functioning society. 40 North and our programs require support and nurturing just like any other mission-driven non-profit in this community. This event is a chance to not only celebrate what we have but to help build what we still need.” Kelly White, Executive Director, 40 North

Enjoy the nostalgia, the adult beverages, and the amazing local art. Go home happy knowing you did something that would make John Hughes smile. And can someone save me a Pretty in Pink cupcake?

Untitled 2019
Orpheum Chidren's Science Museum
346 N Neil St, Champaign
February 22nd, 7:30 to 11:30 p.m.
Tickets are $45 and can be ordered online 

Photos from the 40 North Facebook page.