It's no secret that we have a lot of turnover in this town. People, restaurants, stores — they all come and go. 

In our latest version of "What is this place?" we look at this sign at Old Farm Shops in Champaign. 

What is this Ba'get place? It's in the space formerly occupied by Subway, so it's reasonable to assume that it is likely a restaurant. Is it a sandwich shop? Opening right next door to Cheese & Crackers, a deli that has some of the best sandwiches in all of C-U? Is it connected to this Australian Vietnamese fast-casual chain? Seems unlikely, especially considering the aesthetics of the signage don't match. 

Or perhaps my instinct is off here, and it's simply a store that will sell patterned pants and smart tops for women. 

But really, all I can think about when I read "ba'get" is this stupid meme

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