I've mentioned this local project, wingclipper, before in Seven Things, but as I'm taking a look at some local releases ahead of our year-end lists, I visited the project's latest release 新緑 [Fresh Green]. You should check it out. The production and orchestration involved here is top notch.

wingclipper is the project of Adam Porter, and he released this on Casette Store Day back in October. Porter mentioned the release was "inspired by the transition from Spring to Summer in Japan... the artwork and trak titles correlate with this theme."

Listen to it below, and look at the beautiful artwork that accompanies it as well.

新緑 [Fresh Green]:
  1. モクセイ [sweet olive] 01:37
  2. ヒノキノキ [hinoki cypress] 02:32
  3. ヤナギ [willow] 02:26
  4. カエデ [japanese maple] 02:13
  5. サクラ [cherry blossom] 02:45
  6. イチョウ [ginkgo] 01:05
  7. ツブラジイ [chinquapin] 01:27
  8. シキミ [star anise] 01:46
  9. スギ杉 [japanese cedar] 01:26
  10. カキノキ [persimmon] 02:03
  11. クスノキ [camphor] 02:35
  12. アカマツ [red pine] 01:24