Smile Politely


Smile Politely was founded in 2007, and over the course of the past sixteen years, it has established itself as the most valuable cultural resource in the Champaign-Urbana area. With over 40,000 articles published, our job as storytellers continues to develop and grow more relevant with each passing season. The magazine is redesigned in 2023 for an even better readership experience, and with it, a more impactful, creative approach to advertising through the beautiful new magazine site.

With an operation that carries dozens of contributors — editors, writers, photographers, videographers, and more — the magazine is maintained, organized, moderated, and curated by our staff.

Our advertising opportunities are affordable and effective, and are designed to fit most any budget.

In the end, we only work with advertisers that are a good fit for both parties. Let’s have a meeting, and talk about how it all works, and what a true partnership with Smile Politely looks like. Email us at [email protected] and we look forward to a discussion.