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2016 Sculpture Unveiling

Sponsored by the public art league; different artists from all over the country submitted their art to be showcased around champaign-urbana for the upcoming two years. There were a total of 83 submissions; around 15 were selected to be sponsored by the city, an organization or an individual.Knowing not what to expect when I first stepped foot into art mart during the 2016 sculpture unveiling, I was whisked into a crowd of various types of people. With a diversity of platters as well as an open cash bar who wouldn’t want to stick around and take in the new sculptures needed for sponsorship as well as all of the different items the new art mart location has at  1705 S Prospect Ave, Champaign. It was a time to spend listening to about the artists passions’, their different visions on the world as well as what each sculpture meant to them.

Missed it and want to sponsor a piece of art? Visit their website  to see the ones up for sponsorship.

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