Smile Politely

Be Shameless Tonight at the IMC

Of all the times you’ve lost all shame, in college or otherwise, we doubt there was anyone cheering you on. (We saw you that night; it was pretty embarrassing.) Regain your dignity tonight at No Shame Theater, a new all-ages venue for original performance pieces, located at the Independent Media Center in Urbana. Bring that monologue you’ve been tweaking, the poem you poured your heart into, or the puppet show you’ve perfected late at night in your bedroom. Perform your short piece — no longer than five minutes — yourself, or pull unsuspecting actors from the audience. No Shame Theater is a veritable variety show of talents, so get there early enough to add your name to the roster, or at least early enough to get a good seat.

Performers should bring their own props and enough scripts for any needed actors, as well as one for the stage manager which includes any light cues and contact information. Seating is limited. All in attendance should be prepared to donate a little something when the hat is passed — money preferred over song and dance this time.

The IMC is located at 202 S. Broadway Avenue in Urbana (the old Post Office). No Shame Theater begins at 7 p.m. tonight and runs until 10 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month.

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