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Creating A Powerful Noise

However bad circumstances become in the poverty-stricken, war torn landscapes of developing countries, it’s important to remember that conditions are often much worse for the girls and women of these societies. The oppression and impoverishment of half the world’s population is rarely addressed in the media, but it’s real and all the more insidious for its ubiquity.

Tonight, the Krannert Art Museum, will host a private screening of A Powerful Noise, a documentary following the lives of three women from disparate countries dealing positively with issues of oppression and poverty in their cultures.

An HIV-positive widow in Vietnam, a survivor of the Bosnian War, and a worker in the slums of Mali, all use their unique voices and stories to organize and effect change in the face of marginalization, tragedy and a deafening silence.

A Powerful Noise, presented by Sheila C. Johnson, the co-founder of Black Entertainment Television, begins at 7 p.m. with a short introduction by Johnson, who is now the Global Ambassador for CARE. Krannert Art Museum is located at 500 E. Peabody Dr.

This is a private screening. For tickets to the event, call 333-1661.

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