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DJ Delayney and His Music

DJ Delayney, or Douglas Layne to his friends and family, spins some of the best records in town. Growing up, inspired by his father and brother’s penchant for music, Delayney came into his own and rooted himself in turntablism. Delayney gets frank and truthful, in no particular order, for Smile Politely about certain aspects of Champaign-Urbana. And if he comes into enough cash and conjures up “God’s scheduling abilities,” you will find me at his dream bill. I’ll probably be passed out in the corner as well.

Age: 29 years and 12 months.

Occupation: Deejay/Event Producer/Graphic Designer. DJ Event Designer – should be my new DJ name.

Consumed by: Music!

Hometown: East coast! I miss it. Originally from New York/New Jersey.

Where are you living?: Champaign. Too close to campus for my liking.

How long have you been at it?: Bought my first Technic turntable with money from mowing lawns in 1996 and haven’t turned back since. Sidenote: I still own, and use frequently, that very first turntable to this day! Funny story: The lawnmower that I tore the hell up by dragging it behind my bike all around town was worth much more than the turntable I used it to get money for…Sorry Pops!

Your favorite local live act?: 1) Krukid. The guy is sick on the mic. 2) Desafinado. Just a great groove.

Your dream bill?: OK, I’m gonna get silly with this one cause I know I’d have to have Donald Trump’s money and God’s scheduling abilities to book something like this but… Jamiroquai, Mos Def, A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, Pharoahe Monch and Outkast. Oh, and The Roots can open up I suppose. …And this certainly seems like the kind of big event where the National Anthem should be sung…so Sade can handle that. I’ll be the one that fainted in the corner.

It’s time to eat. Where are you going?: Siam Terrace or Bombay Grill. I think I single handedly keep both in business.

Best place to drink with friends?: Frankly, I can sit on a curb or an empty field — as long as there are great friends in my presence and good liquor — it’s the best place to drink with friends.

Why Champaign right now?: Truthfully…Sanaa Gabrielle Harris-Layne, my daughter. If not for her, I probably would have been gone a while ago. And through the blessing of her, I have realized that Champaign is a pretty cool place. There are some really amazing, talented, and smart people here that make it so. I have been honored and blessed to meet some of these people. I have also realized that — for me — Champaign holds some really good opportunities to reach the goals for which I strive. So here I lay. However, if I don’t take a trip at least every 3 months I’d go crazy here. Go figure…

Disdain for Champaign-Urbana?: The incredibly wide and massive divide between the Black and White communities. It’s hurtful, terrible, wasteful, (insert any other negative sounding adjectives here that you would like…they all fit. I have a long list.) …oh…and sad.

Desire for Champaign-Urbana?: I desire to bridge that racial divide for which I disdain. I am growing weary however…

Who are you listening to now?: Still listening to Blu & Exile “Below The Heavens”. Incredible…hip hop at its best. Also, Erykah Badu’s “New Amerykah.”

Inspiration/Motivation?: I think I said this answer already. Sanaa Gabrielle Layne.

DJ Delayney is a resident DJ at the Highdive and you can catch him every Friday night for “Hello Fridays” starting at 10:30 p.m. Cover is $5.

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