Smile Politely

Gail Williams and her steampunk jewelry

I recently met Gail Williams at Crossroads Corner Consignment. I sometimes sell my photographs there, and she was setting up a display at the time, so I figured I would introduce myself and see what her display was about. I was so excited to see what she had made, which consisted mostly of really cool necklaces, but there were some earrings, too.

She went on to give me her card, which reads, “Yes I made it.” It’s a legitimate question when you see the pieces. Williams used to be a social worker but now works out of the home and does this project on the side.

Anyways, enjoy the lovely pieces of art.

Alice in Wonderland necklace

Spooky old watch necklace

Robot woman necklace

All sorts of letters

The most popular by Williams’ count: the owl

Most of the items are priced around $30. Her website is worth a look as well. Go to for pictures of more items.

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