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Recon in more ways than one

Hey friends…I’m travelling again this week, but thought I knock out a quick column with some musings from what I think may have been my favorite episode so far.



2004 con-man cop Sawyer continues his empty search for Anthony Cooper and himself. 2007 Sawyer remembers why all those cons never fulfilled him. As Doc Jensen reminded “The episode was called ”Recon,” which itself was a con. We were clearly supposed to assume it was short for ”reconnaissance mission. But ”Recon” was also a pun for ”Re-con” as in ”a previously executed con, done again.”



1. Who/What is in the locked room on Widmore’s sub?
2. Sawyer has deals in place with both Man In Black/Locke and Widmore to get he and his friends off the island. Who will Sawyer choose for his escape boat? Remember that time travel moment from Season 5 that’s never been explained, when Sawyer and co. were fired upon by another raft in the distance? They returned some shots, but flashed away before they could figure out who was shooting at them. Might this scene be coming where we see Sawyer with his selected sub friends? (Doc Jensen)



1. Last week we speculated that, during his reign, Ben had been talking in the Man In Black instead of Jacob. Did anyone catch the advice MIB gave to Sawyer on the beach? “You are the best liar I ever met, tell them what ever you have to to gain their trust, find out every thing you can about them, report back.” Sounds a lot like what Ben was doing/was advised to do during his time as leader, yes? Discuss.
2. Remember also that when Ben was talking to Jacob (apparently) it was in the Cabin. We thought for a long time that the ash around Cabin was keeping MIB (Smoke Monster) out of Jacob’s domain, but it seems more likely now that it was actually the Man In Black in the cabin and it was the ash that was holding him in. Discuss.
3. Smokey sent Sawyer to Hydra Island to get Kate’s protector (Sawyer) out of his way so he could isolate her for a Claire attack, then save her from it, so he could get a chance to convince her that he is the way. (Doc Jensen)



1. Claire attacks Kate, catatonic Sayid does nothing.
2. Locke keeping things in order with a stammering, yet polite violence. “This is completely inappropriate.” Terry O’Quinn needs recognition, this guy is doing a masterful job.
3. 2004 Liam Pace looking for his brother Charlie at Sawyer’s (Jim Ford’s) police station.
4. Bodies from the Ajira crash. Nasty.
5. Sawyer watching Little House on the Prairie… ”You can spend your whole life worrying about what’s going to happen. People aren’t really gone when they die, because they live in memories. Memories that sustain us until we see them again.”
6. Yours?


Next week…Richard Alpert revealed. Highly anticipated. Post Away!

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