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Prepare yourself for Carnivàle Debauche

The talented members of Carnivàle Debauche, Champaign-Urbana’s burlesque and vaudeville troupe, will be performing two back-to-back showcases in the beer garden at Mike ‘N Molly’s this Saturday, July 28.

It is clear that this merry band of artists fill their time spent together with passion and dedication. Crammed in a corner of their practice space between racks of flamboyant costumes and sound equipment during a recent dress rehearsal, I could feel the performers’ energy filling the whole room. Loud screams and giggles echoed from behind the racks as the dancers organized their outfits, while dirty jokes and rowdy laughs were passed around among the musicians. And that was just their energy offstage. I can assure readers that even more energy will shine through on stage Saturday night.

The troupe will be showing off a number of different styles of dance and flow arts, including traditional burlesque routines, belly dancing inspired moves, hoop tricks, and fire poi. Not only will the troupe be performing different styles of dance, but they are also sure to capture the audience with an eclectic mix of live music. The musical numbers will feature covers of well-known songs from artists like Irving Berlin, Elvis Costello, and Beats Antique, as well as some original compositions from Carnivàle Debauche.

A red-hot house band, featuring an array of playful percussion instruments, an electric cello, and sax will bolster the troupe. The group is bound to bring the noise in the beer garden Saturday night. Touches of slapstick comedy provided by the evening’s host, Billy Boudoir, and his sidekick, Carnie Barker Steve, will also be spliced in between the captivating music and dance numbers.

For those patrons who have not had the pleasure of seeing a Carnivàle Debauche performance before, come expecting some very sexy aesthetics. With costume changes in between nearly every number, there is always something flashy and fabulous to admire. The troupe’s outfits are just as mesmerizing as their moves, and many of the costumes that will be shown on Saturday evening were handmade by members and friends of Carnivàle Debauche.

The outdoor setting is sure to serve as the perfect location for this enticing performance. Scheduled intermissions throughout the show will allow patrons time to grab drinks from the bar, and take a quick break from the fun. Don’t fear the summer heat — the forecast predicts a beautiful weekend with a bit cooler temperatures than Champaign has felt in the past few days.

Carnivàle Debauche will begin their first show at 8:00 p.m., followed by a 10:30 p.m. show on Saturday evening at Mike ‘N Molly’s. Tickets to each performance will cost $5 at the door, and a ticket purchase is required for each show time. Come out and enjoy what is bound to be a raunchy raucous.

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