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Re-Fashioned 2018: a review in photos

The 12th Annual Arts299 Fashion Show was last Saturday, May 5th, in the lobby of Temple Hoyne Buell Hall. Students in the class presented a variety of wearable art, reusing and repurposing fabrics, clothing, and recyclable materials (including old billboards!). There were over 30 designs and models strutting their stuff down the runway. If the program didn’t indicate that the students were working from and within the same project guidelines, you wouldn’t know it — there was so much variety and creativity on display that it makes me hopeful for the future. The students slayed, as they say.  

The class is taught by Susan Becker, and is a highlight of artistic production during the academic year. Check out some of the projects below. 

Project Descriptions

Found Object Fashion
Each student was required to make a wearable work of art out of an unusual repurposed material, found, not purchased (or from the I.D.E.A. Store). Students were encouraged to use the properties of the chosen material as their primary inspiration.

Students worked in pairs using donated garments as raw material, to create a mini collection of one-of-a-kind ensembles. Students were inspired by an exploration of the “zeitgeist.” Gender fluidity, political division, pollution, Neo Feminism, #MeToo, and individualization as a marketing trend were some of the themes explored.

Nature Project
Pairs of students worked to make a garment out of recycled billboard material from the I.D.E.A. Store. They were instructed to use as inspiration an aspect of the natural world and researched a cutting edge trend.

T-Shirt Re-invent
Pairs of students were given an extra large t-shirt as the starting point for a unique creation. They were instructed to use as inspiration dualities such as past and future, freedom and restriction, and classic and avant garde. Additional inspiration was supplied by collaboration with Kirstie Simpson’s Colab Dance class.

Metal Slide Holders designers Haley Cox and Miah Gholar. Model Niani Scott.

Beer Tabs designers Konrad Eiring and Quiji Zhao. Model Grace Rogers.

Reclaim-to-Wear designer Yiwei Li. Models Mengyu Chen and Ruge Li.

Reclaim-to-Wear designers Konrad Eiring and Isabella Manoblanco. Models Mauriah Kraker and Ibrahim Sabbi.

T-shirt designers Isabella Manoblanco and Davis Stuart. Model Sofia Sinnokrot.

T-shirt designers Kiran D’Souza and Miah Gholar. Model Imani Washington.

Nature Project designers Cate Hummel and Wenjing Hao. Model Yuqi Yao.

Reclaim-to-Wear designers Jessica Barrea and Davis Stuart. Models Elizabeth Koenig and Davis Stuart.

Nature Project designers Jessica Barrera and Amy Janson. Model Nellie Haug.

Plastic Flowers and Mesh designers Amy Janson and Naambia Mitchell. Model Alexandra Zhang.

Reclaim-to-Wear designers Olivia Harmon and Cate Hummel. Models Olivia Harmon and Nikki Bilger.

Styrofoam Cups designers Olivia Harmon and Nathan Pecks. Model Maddie Reavy.

Reclaim-to-Wear designer Amy Janson. Models Heidi Killinger and Hannah Li.

CDs and Duct Tape designers Jessica Barrera and Kiran D’Souza. Model Jessica Barrera.

Marathon Blankets designers Cate Hummel and Chanel Peralta. Model Cynthia Oliver.

Footwear supplied by Circles Boutique. Hair and make up by Dani Holmes, Heidi Cerda, Simone Johnson, Alana Auston, Kennedy Allen, Destiny Randle, Imani Washington, Chanel Peralta, Natalie Jones, Kennedy Daniels, Kendall Johnson, Share Van Ryneveld, and Melissa Hall. 

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Top poster designed by Naambia MitchellAll photos by Melinda Edwards


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