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That rug really tied the room together

So, imagine this scenario: It’s Sunday, April the 26th, and you’ve got fifteen bucks to burn and nothing good to do. You could buy a dime bag, five bucks worth of Cheetos, and stay at home and watch your worn-out copy of The Big Lebowski for the umpteenth time. Nothing against that plan; it sounds like a great idea.

But on this Sunday, which just so happens to BE April 26th, The Canopy Club, in association with Smile Politely, give you a much better option: “The Inaugural Champaign-Urbana Lebowski Achievers Festival.” That’s right, for one glorious day you will have the opportunity to experience your favorite movie, the one that you and all your friends know every line to and can’t stop endlessly quoting to one another, as you’ve never experienced it before. So grab your bowling ball, sidearm, and/or your favorite rug and come on down. (Note: Don’t actually bring a sidearm. This is the Lebowski Achievers Festival, not ‘Nam. There are rules.)

Things are going to start out with bowling at Old Orchard Lanes (901 N Dunlap Ave (Neil Street) in Savoy) at 3 p.m. After you get in a couple good rounds of bowling, head on over to The Canopy Club at 6 p.m., where there will be a costume contest, a ringer toss, The Whites!, and some tasty Manolo’s pizza. The winner of the costume contest is going to get an awesome prize, as yet to be announced. So dig out your best bathrobe, hairnet, or wheelchair, and give it a shot!

At 8 p.m., the main event: a screening of The Big Lebowski on the giant Canopy screen. I’m willing to bet none of you have had the chance to actually see The Big Lebowski in a theatre before, much less one as cool as The Canopy Club. The Making Of The Big Lebowski will immediately follow the screening at 10 p.m.

After the movie, you’ll be treated to live music in The Canopy Club’s Void Room, courtesy of local favorites World’s First Flying Machine as well as Zach May and the Maps. It starts at 11 p.m., and if neither band plays any Creedence, there’s going to be a riot. Just throwing that out there.

EXTREMELY limited tickets are on sale at this very moment. Please note: tickets are only required for the Old Orchard Lanes portion of the day. All Canopy Club events have no cover. For more information, visit It promises to be a fun night out, so don’t miss it. And if you think you have more pressing concerns, just remember the words of the prophet: “Fuck it.” But, maybe that’s your answer for everything.

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