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The delivery of “The package”


Sun and Jin work it private-style in (sideways) 2004, while 2007 Charles Widmore shows us the package. Wait, that doesn’t read well…ah, anyway…on we go…


  1. Would have been beyond stoked if ‘The Package’ was Walt, but Desmond is second best…assuming Desmond is, in fact, the package.
  2. Great to see Mikhail Bakunin again. Ah, and don’t forget the real Mikhail.
  3. Cool connections here: the only other time we saw Room 23 (On Hydra Island, where Jin was kept last night) in use was when Karl was being punished by Ben for… dating his daughter Alex. Jin was being punished by Paik for…dating his daughter Sun. Both Karl and Alex where shot and killed by Keamy and Omar, and now is Sun in similar circumstances?
  4. Something that should have been posted last week… It appears that in order to be free from the Island, Man In Black has to kill not only Jacob, but also all the candidates eligible to replace him.


  1. What are Widmore’s true intentions? If he truly wants to save the island, allow it to remain as the “cork bottling up the evil”, why does he have a geophysicist looking at the electromagnetic zones?
  2.  What did you make of Man In Black/Locke’s manipulation of Claire and plan to pit her against Kate?


  1. Things are starting to unravel in sideways world (Sun shot in stomach, etc) strengthening our theory that 2004 is a different world where Man-In-Black’s promises (lies) come to life. Discuss.
  2. Last week when Isabella was speaking to Richard via Hurley, she was being controlled by — or was a manifestation of — Man In Black. Richard, like Ben is unknowingly led by MIB. (Doc Jensen) Discuss.
  3. In relation to Theory #2 above… Man In Black is conspiring to get everyone on the Ajira plane — specifically the candidates from his group plus the candidates from Richard’s group — in hopes that Widmore will destroy the plane, ultimately freeing MIB from the island. (Doc Jensen)
  4. Sun’s speech was taken by MIB, not a bump on the head. I think so.


  1. Scene where Keamy tells Jin the straight truth, but in English… all Jin says is “Thank you.”… Harsh.
  2. Man In Black/Locke talking to Widmore through the sonic pylons/fence.

I’ll leave you with two things to ponder about the larger scope of LOST and mysterious islands (credit to my good friend Timmy B).

  • Check out this real life phantom islandSt. Brendan’s… it just happens to be part of the Canary Islands, where Richard Alpert was living in last week’s episode. This island was listed on maps as recently as the 1850s…
  • Also see this phenomenon, Fata Morgana as partial explanation.

Great stuff…post away!

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