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At Prism Studios, art is for everyone

According to co-owner Katye Newhouse, Prism Studios seeks to dismantle the idea that “art only looks a certain way and that if you can’t achieve that narrow definition then you are just bad at art.”

Five things in arts this month: September 2021

This month's arts picks focus on pride. They offer opportunities to explore spaces and celebrate experiences that may feel like home to you, or, may challenge you to think and feel outside of your comfort zone. 

Janet Soesbe talks Bridging the Art Divide

According to Janet Soesbe,of the Urbana Park District, Bridging the Art Divide is “perfect for these times….You can view the art anytime between sunrise and sunset at your convenience, for free. Come as you are, so no social pressure.”

Juxtapositioned: The life and art of Durango Mendoza

Of his assemblage work, the late Durango Mendoza said “the goal is to encourage people, as different as they are, to see the potential and hope that is intrinsic in all things, and embrace diversity, acceptance, and change.”

Meet mixed media artist Sarah Marjanovic

According to mixed media artist Sarah Marjanovic, “a common complexity of merging media is that each medium has its own characteristics and involves some careful planning—getting them to work together in synergy is key.”

My weekend at Boneyard Arts Festival

As I planned my Boneyard weekend, I wondered “With everything that we've gone through these last 18+ months, would the work reflect grief, loss, rage, or metamorphosis? Would it inspire catharsis? A glimmer of hope? A path forward?”

Five things in arts this month: May 2021

May 2021 in the C-U arts scene means celebrating graduating visual and performing arts students, and beginning to explore ways, even in-person, to learn and explore the arts yourself. 

Everything you need to know about 8 to Create 2021

When asked about any upsides to this year's virtual format, 8 to Create president Caroline Wuerl said “it is refreshing to know that we have the potential to reach even more people now that it’s streamed virtually.”